Floating Bed Chicago by Robert Bernstein - the four supporting cables at the corners of the bed go straight up vertically to the ceiling. This elegant piece by Rausch, designed for luxurious poolside lounging, could easily be mistaken for a dramatic outdoor sculpture. It is elegant, fluid, and harmonic, starting from a lucid plastic body, floating on a metallic frame, and varnished with the same colour but with a matt finishing. Sleeping on a magnet cant be good for ur heart, better chill on the iron supplements if u do..
Nice beds, but What homeless person is going to be able to get enough money for the cardboard bed? I love the creativity of the beds, but I think I would be too freaked out to sleep in any of them.
Really good ideas.Personally I like the private cloud rocking bed-mind you just the design and not the concept. Almost all the designs are good except perhaps for the cardboard one which i feel is not a practical solution. I just love how people come up with things from nature.The Tree bed by Shawn Lovell is beautiful!!! Is it just me or did others find the ‘homeless’ bed write up inappropriate and condescending? Sturdy enough for the most active adults while safe enough for kids, our rock solid loft bed units incorporate many important design features. All our Spices Bedroom Collection beds are designed for use as platform beds, or in the lower position, for box spring use.
They would require a waterproof coating , and could be dispensed each night from a Central Depot . It’s amazing how we can continue to reinvent things that have been used for centuries.

They aren’t for ordinary people but for the affordable who living with technology thats required changes at all times.
Freight would be cheap too since it would be lightening the load by lifting against the roof of the truck.
With the use of platform beds, you don’t experience such things because you have total control of the space under your bed.A higher percentage of these beds come with storage system which allows you to organize items underneath the bed, especially in a home where space is very tight. The merchant company is amazingly organized, detail oriented, and represents the product exactly as it is. Diagonal supports on each side of the loft bed, heavy and proportionally sized components, and strong, reinforced joints are just a few of these features. The Thyme bed is designed in such a way that it blends in well with a more practical bedroom setting.
The two semi-circular sides of the bed can be separated resulting in two new pieces of furniture. I’m sure if they had money, the last thing they will buy with it is a cardboard bed.What ha[[ens the first time it really pours rain, ever seen wet cardboard and how unstable it becomes? If you have a medium size room-like a guest room then all you need is this bed and perhaps a chair or two and your room wouldn’t look sparsely done but would charm one and all. Maximize your living space with a super-sturdy wooden loft bed, hand-made and built-to-order.
There is a personal touch by the merchant to make sure everything goes as planned, and is well explained.
It works well in youth’s bedrooms to young adults moving out for the first time and need to stay within a budget but not give up the appearance.
This bed is held up by 4 solid corner post that offers stability and the headboard has a nice trim work design to add a little style to it.This Thyme bed is available in Natural, Cherry and Chocolate finishes. Our wooden loft beds are great for people in limited living spaces, or for others who simply want to add a fun, creative element to their room.

These qualities are so lacking in most of todays mass produced markets, it was a really refreshing change. The natural finish shows more of the darker & lighter wood grains of the Malaysian rubberwood.
All of our Spices Bedroom Collection beds are designed for use as platform beds that does not require a box spring, or in the lower position, for those who want to use a box spring. You can place a sofa, desk, bookshelf, or virtually anything else under your new loft bed to maximize valuable floor space.
These shelves can serve various storage purposes like keeping of books, disks, framed pictures and lots more.
This type of platform bed comes with no headboards and other ornate bedposts that are associated with many platform beds.
We specialize in custom loft beds in virtually any dimensions.So don't take a chance on a poorly designed, wobbly loft bed. All you need is the simple style storage space underneath the bed or you may choose for more amenities such as stairs.A lot of the platform beds come with sleek designs that apart from being functional in saving space, they also add more visual appeal to your bedroom.
If nothing else, check out our real customer testimonials and read about our superior design. We think you'll agree that our loft beds are as sturdy as they come!Thanks for looking and please feel free to contact Maurice with any questions!

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