Musical Chairs: Rocking Set of Sound-Generating FurnitureFinally, a chair both children and their grandparents will think is downright cool.
Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! Be an auto engineer and a race driver with The Flatworks’ PlyFly, a ready-to-assemble plywood go-kart kit. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Recently I was in the market for a new desk. I wanted to make a desk that was able to be disassembled and packed flat, made from few and easily obtainable supplies with simple tools. I had a desk like this but it started bending after 2 years wih a 17 inch old school monitor on it. I've been using the desk since I finished it in December and have had no problems with stability or bending. You know, if you're having a problem filing, you may want to invest in some quality files.
What's cool about it is that the threaded rods can either pinch-grip the top by moving the inside nuts outward (rod compression) -or- the threaded rods can push outward against the outside edges of the top by moving the inside nuts inward (rod tension).
Ironically, you have leveraged (literally) a weakness of the design (long thin legs) into a strength by turning them into levers. History like that is pretty cool and having one desk surface for a long time could be a great way to reduce your footprint and keep your history with you. The shelter consists of pre-cut plywood boards that would be delivered to a disaster site flat-packed. The inside of the structure features contours that jut out to create shapes that could be used for sitting or sleeping. According to the designers, one of their main goals in this design was to create a space that is not simply utilitarian, but one that creates happiness in times of tragedy.
The structures can be grouped together to create a temporary community, with some buildings serving as meeting places instead of grouping all of the victims together in one very large space. Emergency shelters are designed to be short-term solutions, and many cannot withstand rain, wind and sun for more than six months. 1986 Dodge Ramcharger with 106000 plus miles.Partially primed and all the trim and bumpers are in the back.
The picnic tables are made from a single sheet of plywood, take about 30 minutes to mark out, and about 1 hour to cut out. These flat-pack plywood picnic tables have been a God send this summer for both me personally and for for my business; Cargo Cycles. They have been hauled around to various shows and events that I have attended, been used as canteen seating in the unit workshop for sammy and I.
I have used a cordless jigsaw for the rounded cuts, and cordless circular saw for the long straight cuts, but a jigsaw will be more than adequate for all the cutting requirements.
The best results will be obtained by using a jigsaw blade that will cut on both the up, and down strokes, and is suitable for cutting curves. When the plans say that you can make this flat pack picnic table from a single sheet of plywood, they weren't kidding. Now is the time to round off the edges of the plywood, complete a general sanding down and either coat with paint or timber preservative.
My six flat pack plywood picnic tables, along with another 6-10, that I can borrow from my Church will be used during our house warming party in 3 weeks time; 40 odd guests, two bands, and 5 other performers. I have however encountered an issue with them, not exactly a problem, but more of a niggle. I am lucky as I have a whole metalworking and woodworking workshop available for my every whim, and so the other day I fished out my 6 inch diameter hole saw and made some simple, but very effective plywood feet to spread the load, reduce the ground pressure, and prevent another situation of having to recover the sunken narrow legs of a table from the turf again.

What I forgot to mention in the step-by-step instructions was that because I was allowing the public to sit at my tables, I had used a router with a rounding over bit on all exposed edges.
As for surviving the rigors of being used by super sized members of the public; the yellow table pictured above was the one that supported well over 60 stones, or about 385 kg for almost 2 hours without damage, and it is still in daily use up at the workshop for Sammy and I to use for our breaks. About 30 seconds to assemble, about 45 seconds to dismantle and secure with a couple of bungees for storage, and a whole table made from 18mm thick plywood weighs approx 15kg. I have just given that idea a lot of thought over a cuppa during the last 15 minutes, and my business Cargo Cycles would be very happy to host and sponsor that competition. Archive for Over the Gate Join in for a friendly chat over the gate about home and country matters.
How to make a flat pack plywood Picnic table S-B-SI actually got around to making some flat pack plywood picnic tables. To mark out the plywood, you'll need: a rule or tape measure, a pencil, a square, and a straight edge of about 4 feet long, or slightly longer. When the plans say that you can make this flat pack picnic table from a single sheet of plywood, they weren't kidding.
OK, I owe you all an apology now, as I forgot to take any photos of the assembly joints being cut out; this I'll rectify tomorrow when I make another picnic table. I saw someone cycling round Norwich on a sort of tricycle with a great big sort of supermarket trolley on the front. They have been hauled around to various shows and events that I have attended, been used as canteen area in the unit for sammy and I. My six tables along with another 6-10, that I can borrow from my Church will be used during our house warming party in 3 weeks time; 40 odd guests, two bands, and 5 other performers. I had 3 very large ladies (and I mean very large; think 20 plus stones a piece) sit at one of my tables and eat their picnic during one show (and they weren't even interested in my products ), their combined weight sank the table legs almost 4 inches into a reasonably dry grass playing field, and I had one helluva job pulling the table out of the soil while Sammy, in fits of laughter stood by watching me. OK I have used a hole-saw and a bench mounted pillar drill, but a jigsaw and pistol drill are more than adequate to make a set feet similar to the ones that I have made. The picnic tables have been taken out of winter storage: under a plastic sheet in the garden.
All has faired well: no damp timbers, no warped boards, no splits or other problems, even the paint work looks good but will require a wipe down with a soapy cloth to clean away a few water marks and settled dust. Our plywood picnic tables are two years old now, and have coped exceptionally well with the rigors of several local shows, 4 church fetes, 3 parties in the park, 2 music festivals, 1 firework display, several parties (at ours and at friends), have been loaned out on a few occasions, and we have enjoyed many alfresco meals, BBQs, and evenings sat at them. Lois has recently encouraged me to repaint ours with a more subtle gloss green than the original bright gloss Melon Yellow that I used.
These designs are complex and engaging yet strikingly easy to store, ship and assemble upon receipt. It comes with a 2.5hp or 4hp gas engine, rack and pinion steering, foam-filled wheels, disc brakes and even a safety flag. You could have the lumber yard do this for you, or use your own tools. Two of these will be for the top and bottom of the desk and two will be for the sides. I did it because I wanted to be able to have a functioning desk even if my cuts were not super accurate. Originally i considered cutting a slit in the center of the legs at the top ( I think you can see it in the original drawing). I bought them when I built my loft because I knew I'd be working right where i was living and I would need to be able to store and transport them easily. The initial investment is pretty steep, but once you have the guides, a dust extractor, and an MFT table you can add other pieces to the set easily for relatively low cost.
I would guess some of the movement is there because the design is a parallelogram (the only stability is the thickness of the sandwich putting a coupling force on the legs). Plenty of easily-assembled emergency structures have been designed over the years, but Australian architecture firm BVN Donovan Hill has presented an interesting take on the topic.

Each piece has notches that fit into the next piece; assembling one of the shelters requires no tools other than the hands of one or two people.
The concept will require a significant amount of fleshing out before it becomes a viable option for disaster relief, but the idea of an easily (and quickly) assembled, private temporary home is one that will appeal to just about anyone who has ever been displaced by a natural disaster.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. The only really tricky part of the plans and the dimensioning is the long recesse in the seat support. You will also need to set the reciprocating motion function of your jigsaw to either 0 or 1.
As most regular OTG viewers already know, I'll be making about 10 of these as unique advertising media to publicly display my company's logo and contact details. I've yet to get around to the sanding and painting, so I'll not quote any times for these two processes. With the bank holiday weekend almost upon us (and the rest of the summer) there is still the chance of nipping out to the timber merchants or DIY store to buy a sheet of Plywood, and within a couple hours, you could be enjoying a BBQ or drinks in your garden sat at one of these tables. They come in a variety of shapes and functions and are stable once converted into their final formation.While these flat-pack furniture designs might not be the height of fashionable design they are certainly cheap, easy and interesting alternatives to standard furniture.
Witty Designer Uses Wooden Axe to Shape a SeatWhen a tree is cut down for whatever reason, the remaining stump remains to be dealt with. The sides are then dropped into the new box at the back.Now you have tied the sides together without the rods and provided a foot rest at the same time, also assembly and disassembly now require no tools!
This would reduce weight, give you some raw material for another project or for the scrap pile and would not affect the stability of the desk. The idea was so that cords could be run through the leg and not have to hang over the top of the desk. As a kid I noticed that when I did my homework on it the stuff I wrote on the paper sometimes was imprinted (debossed?) into the table. Their idea goes together like a 3D puzzle, each piece of plywood slotting together as easily as a flat-pack furniture kit. Once the wooden skeleton has been assembled, a waterproof skin is put on the outside to keep out the elements.
They've been loaned to my neighbours on the business estate for similar duties, have been borrowed by friends, etc.
They've been loaned to my neighbours on the business estate for similar duties, have been borrowed by friends, etc. Over time, these techniques may become more viable as the actual designs evolve along with them. I didn't do this because I was more interested in just getting the desk up and running. Their dust collection is so good that I can easily work in my living room and just clean up with a broom and vacuum when done. And if they're old enough, this seems like one they could do themselves with supervision, or they could mark the measurements in pencil and have Mom and Dad do the sawing.
When you look closely you can see the history of what happened on the table by investigating it closely.

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