If you’ve got a wood-burning fireplace in a city apartment and use it a lot, you have to come to terms with a firewood storage system.
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I finally built this woodshed, with a few design changes, and thought you might like to see some pics. When the concrete placers were here installing the driveway, they poured three sloped pads for woodsheds. We use about 1.5 cords of firewood in our masonry mass fireplace during the chilly season, so wood storage is essential.
What is this blog?Case Study: How two people (and legions of talented tradespeople) are building a new green home in British Columbia. Do you store it in the basement and lug batches up flights of stairs (which we once did), or do you find a nook inside to pile it up (below)? One of these days, we hope to go to San Francisco and see what you do in person at Building REsources buildingresources.org, which we have oggled in your wonderful book, THE REVOLUTIONARY YARDSCAPE.
Just sweep up the stuff that shows and leave the rest to fall under the logs…A leather log carrier can help carry them neatly to the fireplace. I sank the posts and hung the deck floor 2 years ago and the posts twisted a bit before I got around to finishing the shed.

Success of the design has lot to do with apparent fact of you having some experience on storing wood.
We mixed the concrete in a wheelbarrow, adding enough water to make it oatmeal consistency. The walls are clad in cedar boards, to keep most of the rain off the firewood but allow air circulation. You can see the twisting shape of the exhaust where the splitter is up against the wall in pic 2.
The roof was recycled plastic clearlite with only one sheet of new iron as I didn't have enough. We plan to put grass and wildflowers on the roof (very thin layer of soil), so didn’t want a steep roof slope. Any screws that sink into treated wood must be specially-plated so that the coating does not react with the chemicals in the treated wood. For the cracks between the concrete and the cloth, I applied organic weedkiller (see recipe here.) 15. We've also saved $258,557 by doing tasks ourselves (and WWOOF labour) and scouring back alleys, thrift stores, landfills and Craigslist for free and cheap stuff. Paul‘s clever firewood storage, made by nestling wooden crates randomly amidst the pile of wood. Besides that little (lazy me) problem, it IS beautiful, and the cardboard box to create cubbies for storage is a great idea too!

The amount of noise it cuts down is little short of phenomenal - tickover is barely audible and at running speed much more muted and hushed. The door was extra wide as I used one side of our old driveway gates which has timber slats with approx 10mm gaps between them. To check the height and slope, I strung a string at various heights and then walked back for the long view.
WWOOFers Jordan, Toni, and Irene shovel the soil up onto the roof from the bed of the truck.
Included in that total are taxes saved by building before the HST, buying used, and doing our own labour ($37,012.) By doing the general contracting, we have saved a minimum of $113,761 in general contractor's overhead on the total cost of building plus $13,450 which represents the HST we didn't pay on the overhead. I appreciate any comments as I have no idea how much airflow is needed to keep the wood from rotting.Since we live in a snowy area I would like to add double sliding doors that would keep the drifts off the wood while allowing access to the entire width of the shed. This has allowed plenty of airflow and the clear roof is fantastic as it lets in plenty of light and heat from the sun. Your shed is similar but probably better still and you have purposely designed it that way whereas I had some fortunate accidents. I would recommend a clear roof for all wood-sheds now as the previous shed was quite dark, even with a window.

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