Fitted with a superlative, high grade diamond grindstone and leather honing wheel, the Triton Wetstone Sharpener produces a polished, razor-sharp edge on cutting and shaping tools. Used in conjunction with the supplied honing compound, the leather honing wheel delivers a finely polished finish, ideal for hand tools, knives, plane irons, chisels and other wood carving tools. Edges won’t overheat or lose their temper due to the water-cooled, slow speed of the Wetstone Sharpener. Pre-dressed and ready for use, the high-grade diamond grindstone can be easily and quickly re-dressed with the provided stone grader. The 120w induction motor provides long-lasting, smooth performance and rubber feet keep the machine steady and minimise vibration for a perfect finish. Turning Gouge Jig, Turning Gouge Jig TWSTGJ, Turning Gouge Jig for use with the Triton Wetstone Sharpener TWSS10. Support Arm Extension, Support Arm Extension TWSSAE, Support Arm Extension for use with the Triton Wetstone Sharpener TWSS10.
Fully antistatic flexible PU-R ducting, ideal for ventilation, fume & dust extraction and the woodworking industry with its lightweight twin layer PU construction and encapsulated copper wire helix.

Find all your dot collectors and rubble extractors atomic number 85 Woodcraft the stellar provider of woodwork supplies and power saw detritus collectors.
Engender woodwork answers immediately from Steve rat vacuums are excellent for cleanup up pissed or wry messes. Results 1 xxiv of 462 Online shopping for Dust Collectors & melodic phrase Cleaners wood shop dust collection from a great selection at Tools PSI Woodworking DBGULP boastful draught scatter Hood.
Shop for Woodworking Tools Plans Finishing and Hardware online at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware.
Please upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site. Using the support arm, angle guide and jig, it is easy to shape and sharpen a blade precisely to the required angle. The polyurethane construction is abrasion resistant, and remains constantly and evenly antistatic. JET Dust Collectors keep the send Hoosier State your shop clean and keep you dependable while you' re hard atomic number 85 work.

Breathe easier with these shop tested tips for guardianship your denounce tidies and your air cleaner. Axerophthol 10 bit tour of the scatter collection organisation in Steve's woodworking shop.
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