Not only are new kitchen cabinets a fun project for any woodworker, they can add significant value to your home as well!
Learn solid techniques for building faster, better face frames with this free chapter download from Gregory Paolini's new book, Kitchen Cabinets Made Simple. In this free chapter download from Gregory Paolini's Kitchen Cabinets Made Simple, you'll learn simple ways to break down the process of the seemily overwhelming task of building kitchen cabinets. BrittneyAZ writes: The one chapter that the site let's you view for free was good but not sure why you have to purchase a free download. MinLitchfield writes: Joining in on the comments about bad links, where does the link above in the "More on Kitchen Cabinets" box called "Video: Touring a Woodworkers Kitchen" take you? GrampaDoodie writes: I just have to comment on the photo of the woodworking gentleman using the Kreg squared-tip drill bit.
It was exactly 5 years ago this past April 1st, (yes, it was April Fool's Day), that I was assembling a face-frame exactly like the gentleman in this photo.
Farmhouse kitchen with a farmhouse sink, white cabinets, wood countertops and beaded inset cabinets. 2morweeks writes: After twenty five years of living with an inferior kitchen, we have decided it's time to remodel.

Brian Gray writes: I have an upcoming cabinet project and could really use the information in these books. 1850timberframe writes: I'm in the process of building kitchen cabinets NOW so these books would be a great addition to the few I already have. JeffB writes: I have scheduled next year to re-build my kitchen cabinets, so this book would be great!
This custom designed and built kitchen was born as a design collaboration between my clients and me. OVERVIEWSince 2006, Aaron Maes has created handcrafted, custom furniture with integrity and uncompromising quality as Rugged Cross Fine Art Woodworking.
Now you can build new cabinets for a fraction of the cost and in doing so, you'll add significant value to your home. With very little pressure behind my driver-drill, the bit slipped out of the Kreg screw hole, sending the bit completely through the very center of my left palm.
I clicked on the link to a router mortising jig and a tablesaw featherboard jig appears on the screen. Check in every weekday for news, information, projects, and answers to questions from Fine Woodworking readers everywhere.

I cannot stress enough how little pressure I was using the moment this bit pierced my palm. How to Make Kitchen Cabinets is a collection of articles from past issues of American Woodworker. If you don't get this site more user friendly I will not renew my membership in the future. These articles cover the same topics as Back to Basics, but a little more thoroughly and the book also includes a separate chapter on hinges and hardware and has a chapter with kitchen projects including custom made crown molding, a kitchen stool, and an appliance garage. It is incredible to me that a magazine of the caliber of Fine Woodworking can have such a hard to use web site.
So if you are ready to make a new kitchen, these books might be right for you.Lucky 2morweeks is the winner.

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