Don't go out and buy an expensive tablesaw tenoning jig, John White designed this basic jig using some scrap plywood and three quick-release clamps.
Or, for other styles of tenoning jig, see this animated display on a multiuse joinery jig (it includes a tenoning fixture) or a dedicated tenoning jig using phenolic plywood. EdsShop writes: With respect to OF-the idea you pose is probably correct however the dimensions of that jig are such that the blade cannot reach the bar. Oh, one more thing: Is the machine you built portable enough that you can set it under a bench on a shelf when it's not being used?
It is big, but the vertical router mount is held on with bolts and tee nuts, so it can be removed quickly and easily. You can even do something as simple as shrouding the cutter with a block of wood that would not allow your fingers to possibly get in there. I have had enough experience with this exact setup to be concerned for any novice woodworker that thinks this is a good way to cut mortise joints.

For most of my mortises I have used a simple right angle jig with a slot for a router collar. Simple taper guide adjustment for router carriage to match taper created on table saw tapering jig.
Along the way, I built this XYZ mortiser after using the standard router table to cut mortises. Please upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site. I'm going to lay it on its side with a table parallel to the motors axis,adjustable,guided,terminated with a bearing on the end of the shaft and a vacume hood. That method has the advantage that it goes anywhere; the XY table makes the piece come to the table. It sounds like this rig works very well for you - and, hopefully, will for me in the future when I build one like it!

Is there any deflection when routing in hard woods like or oak or maple that affects the size or perpendicularity of the mortise? Does the bit catch and grab at all - I assume you're not using climb cutting, but if you take too large a bite, can the bit advance itself into the wood and cause it to grab inadvertently? The bandsaw tooth marks left on the tenon faces provide extra mechanical lockup for the glue joint.

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