You may wish to make a ring box or gift box, but with these plans you might find the box itself becomes more treasured than its contents. The sides of this box are joined with simple miter joints strengthened by adding keys made easily with a tablesaw jig. These project plans will not only show you how to construct the box, but give you hints on utilizing grain patterns, show you techniques for cutting a perfect miter, and making quick jigs. In this 18-page excerpt, you'll learn how to build a lap-cornered box of quilted and spalted maple. In this free chapter download from his most recent book, Basic Box Making, Stowe shows you how to build a beautiful lap-cornered box of both quilted and spalted maple. Reys writes: For someone who are still new, making a box is such a project that you should try!
DougStowe writes: I guess you can say that size really does matter and expansion and contraction are proportionately smaller concern on small boxes. BIGBLUEFALCON writes: LIKE HIS OTHER BOOKS I HAVE READ IT FROM COVER TO COVER AND ENJOYED IT ALL. According to his Web site, Moore graduated from the Chicago School of Violin Making (watch our video tour of the school) and makes instruments professionally.
Jeff Baenen's box, My Nightmares and Dreams, captured the attention of many Fine Woodworking editors.
Katherine Tipton's spiky-haired Surfer Poker Box captured several votes from the California contingent on our staff. ElegantMany boxes made us chuckle, but we were blown away by the beauty and careful craftsmanship of others.

ArronNZ designed a refined box with simple lines to take advantage of an exquisite piece of English walnut burl veneer.
Jeff Guthrie's skillful Jewelry Box with a bent-laminated lid captured the attention of others. The viral voteMany boxes drew the attention of Web surfers and the online woodworking community.
Gary Kemper, of Lumberjocks, designed an intricate box for his wife's cross-stitch supplies and raked in more than 23 comments.
Danser, by David Knipfer, drew tremendous popular support with hundreds of recommendations and 20 comments. Mixed mediaWe are Fine Woodworking, so the bulk of the submissions obviously were made of wood. Tim Cozzens built his elegant Throw Me a Curve gift box from aluminum with tamo ash and pommele sapele veneer.
Bob Edenhofer made this Cylinder Jewelry Box with black walnut and bird's-eye maple along with pommele sapele and bubinga veneer. Sandtazam writes: While being a beautiful piece, it would have been nice to at least see the inside of this project.
By changing the size, proportions, joinery, or wood choices, you can create countless attractive variations of this simple design. Here at the offices of Fine Woodworking, our cut-off bin is often overflowing with every manner of wood.
You'll learn techniques for grain-matching, creative inlays, and lap-corner joinery that doubles as a great exercise to keep your handtool skills honed.

If we missed any of your favorites in this round-up, please give them a shout-out below.
Check in every weekday for news, information, projects, and answers to questions from Fine Woodworking readers everywhere. The great thing is that if the box were subjected to extremes resulting in a loose bottom from significant expansion and contraction it would be much easier to fix than it was to make in the first place.
I would consider this box to be at the upper limit of size in which this technique might be suitable. And there is perhaps no FW contributing author with as wide a variety of boxes under his belt as Doug Stowe. I have other simple techniques illustrated in the book that could be used on this box if a person was particularly concerned about shrinkage and expansion. My own shop and wood storage conditions are on the slightly damp side of the scale, so I tend to build tight with the expectation that the wood might shrink slightly when subjected to extremes of heating and air conditioning. Build too tight, and you can have the wood pushing the box apart at the joints in very wet weather.

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