One of the most difficult things for parents to figure out is how to effectively and efficiently room two children of different ages together in the same room.
If you’re in this situation, the University Loft Mission white extra long twin over full bunk bed is the answer.
Among the many distinct benefits of purchasing an extra long twin over full bunk bed is that it uniquely provides you with two different sized beds.
In today’s tight economy, it can be incredibly difficult for families with more than the average two children to find affordable and suitable sleeping solutions.
Further, it provides the optimal answer for where to sleep guests during sleepovers or when family comes to visit. If you find yourself lost in a sea of possibilities, constantly struggling to juggle the sleeping needs of your family with their disparate desires, all the while concerned with the space you have available, look no further than the University Loft Mission white extra long twin over full bunk bed.

So, if you’re wondering how to comfortably room two or three children together in a single room, consider the modern, advanced designs of today’s bunk beds. With both children at different stages physically and mentally, it can be incredibly tough to find common ground between, and even tougher to find furniture that will impress them both while at the same time meet their changing needs.
With its simple yet elegant white finish this University Loft bed provides you with an affordable and fully customizable space-saving solution that will wonderfully complement any color or decorating theme your kids would want.
The twin bed up top provides the younger of your children a place to call their own, with the added adventure of being on the top bunk, while the full bed down below is the perfect for an older child transitioning through yet another growth-spurt.
If you absolutely need to maximize the limited space in your home to comfortably sleep three children, a twin over full bed from University Loft might be just the thing you need. While the full bottom bed can comfortably sleep two children, it is roomy enough for taller children or for adults as well.

As with all beds from University Loft, it is made with durable and sturdy materials, designed to weather all the seasons of your children’s lives. Further, with its soft, neutral color, this bed will blend seamlessly with any other furniture or room design that you would need. Simply put, if you’re racking your brain over how to comfortable room two children of different ages together, there’s no better way than the Mission white extra long twin over full bunk bed.

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