I would leave it, it's already grayed out so it won't look much better if you put a cheap or diluted finish over it, might even look worse. Well yeah, but that's not even an option because nobody is willing to do the work with the heavily armed tween girls guarding the place. Dever Enterprises LLC has introduced three new products: an All-Shield cleaner, an All-Shield sealer, and Exterior Wood Care System, a four-step approach to protecting exterior wood surfaces. All-Shield Metal Cleaner removes rust, scale, corrosion and discoloration from metal, fiberglass and other household surfaces. All-Shield Concrete & Masonry Sealer is a clear, nonyellowing product that stops water penetration and damage for up to eight years.
Exterior Wood Care System is comprised of four parts: a wood cleaner and coating remover, a natural wood color rejuvenator, a wood conditioner and a wood protector. Green Approved NO OILS NO VOC'S NO WATER NO WAXES NO SILICONE NO SOLVENTS Check Out Our Gallery With tons of pictures Send us your pictures Check Out Our How-To Videos With Step-By-Step Instructions Interested in Partnering With Us?
Any other products on the wood must be completely removed with a stain and sealer remover before applying One Time. One TIME has achieved status among contractors and consumers alike as the leading exterior wood stain and sealer for decks, fences, siding, log homes, docks and more.

From the sultry heat and humidity of Southern Louisiana to the brutal cold and snow of Northern Alaska, One TIME is protecting an endless array of exterior wood surfaces.
Simply stated, One TIME works better and lasts longer than any exterior wood treatment on the market. One TIME products have given RH Smith Lumber a big boost in helping customers protect and beautify their outdoor decks, porches and docks. As a professional painter with 15 years experience, I have discovered many excellent products.
The combination of UV guards, fungicide and Polymerized Tung Oil make this a superior exterior coating for a variety of outdoor applications.
The water-based coating resists mold and fungi and protects against freeze-thaw cycles, efflorescence and alkali. Also, any other products on the wood must be completely removed with a stain and sealer remover before applying One Time.
And for good reason… One TIME simplifies the application process, delivers the highest quality results, outperforms the competition and provides the industry’s best guarantee – 7 years! One TIME wood protector is a unique exterior wood protection formula that uses a proprietary acrylate resin blend to provide long-term protection from deteriorating elements, including water and UV rays.

Which is why we are the only company that guarantees protection against the damage of sun, water and other elements for 7 years. If you would like to join our growing list of partners please fill our Contact Form.We will get back as soon as possible.
Please spend some time and look through all the questions and if you still don’t have the answers to your questions please Contact Form. The elasticity of the Polymerized Tung Oil allows this finish to withstand harsh seasonal cycles.
Unlike all the traditional sealers, One TIME doesn’t simply coat the surface of the wood, it penetrates deep into the wood’s cellular structure and cures in the natural sunlight.

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