It’s not usually this clean but I took the time to clean up the other day and take a picture.
K3ten electronics amateur radio station, workbench, K3ten having fun with amateur radio on the high frequencys. K3ten electronics amateur radio station, workbench …, K3ten fun amateur radio high frequencys.
Bench, people’ workshop, Bench is a public woodworking shop, co-working space, and artisan hub. Maybe building cables on the concrete floor, taking laptops apart on the kitchen granite or building a Linkwitz Transform equalizer on the coffee table.
The cheapy SMD rework station is not a must have but once you have one you will wonder what on earth you ever did with out one.

The legs are made of doubled up 2X6’s and connected to the bench top and bottom shelf with carriage bolts. I am working on replacing them with true RGB led’s which I have on the bench being run by my arduino pro mini.
This is probably overkill for what I use it for but I do tend to over build things in general. Its a mix of warped 2x4s, 4x4s, Chinese Birch, Baltic Birch, screws and PL Premium adhesive.
One is simply nirvana from the hobbiest’s I know and the other is shear disbelief from the professionals I know who wonder how I get anything done with such low grade equipment and sparce setup. A good Weller soldering iron, Fluke Multimeter, 40v 5amp variable power supply, Tektronix 2465ACT Oscilliscope.

A pair of 8 port gigabit switches, a TP-Link router running DD-WRT, Linksys cable modem, Silicone Dust ATSC network tuner, and a Synology 211 NAS. It is a work in progress, but I'm happy I finally have a start and a place to sit down and work on things.

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