With the right plans, materials, and equipment, you can build this simple Garden Tool Box Caddy, as shown here. So often when we think of a handmade gift, we consider the added meaning that our loved ones will get from our gift.
But something odd happened to me today in the garage, while I was painting these stacking toyboxes for two of the sweetest little girls I know.
As I got busier and busier with the blog, Jen still called, asking if she could help, if she could take Grace to playdate in my absence.
Jen is one of those people that never forgets to ask you how you are doing, that actually truly listens when you talk, and always puts herself and what's she's going through last. As I painted those toyboxes, it occurred to me in a selfish way, I was getting something perhaps even greater out of this gift by giving it. As we approach this gift giving season, I hope you find an opportunity to handmake a gift for a friend or loved one.

Now this wasn’t in the original plan, but I found stacking my boxes was a bit tight without some sort of simple cleat. Hi - I have subscribed to your feed for some time now and wanted to write and thank you for providing such great plans and providing us with a great sense of empowerment - that we can do this.
I really love this post- not just because of the sweet toyboxes, but because of the point of what you wrote! I too have had wonderful friends who have walked with me and stood by me when I was not able to be the best friend back to them. Storage pieces with secret compartments are typically quite complicated to build, but that's not the case with this eye-catching weekend project.
As I painted those toyboxes, I began to feel sad, because as the last year progressed, I just have not made time for my friends.
It is absolutely wonderful to be able to give something back and to reflect on what great friends they are!

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