Make some gorgeous flower fairy wooden peg dolls using simple materials, for creative play times and imaginative storytelling! I started by painting the bodies of the dolls using ordinary block water-colour paints and water. Using small pieces of coloured felt, matching the bodies of the dolls, I cut them into semi-circular shapes with petal shaped edging.
To make the flower crowns I cut small rectangles of felt in matching colours to the cloaks, then cut 5 of the same petal shapes along it.
T he girls have loved playing with the flower fairies and, combined with the totally gorgeous rainbow gnomes that we received from Pocket Treasures, they have now got a lovely little collection of woodland folk to make up imaginative stories with! The crafts of primitive or rustic wood are very popular in the city as well as in the country. Once considered leftovers or scraps, twigs are an abundant resource that you can get for free. Simple wooden toys as toys in the form of different animals are popular with young children. Gather all tools and supplies necessary needed to make your rustic wooden handicrafts ahead and store them together.
Way back when I was growing up, my parents covered the couch with plastic slipcovers that were custom made to fit it. But, isn’t there a better way to protect the living room furniture…a way that is also attractive and comfortable?
Slipcovers made from comfortable, attractive, family friendly fabrics are a lot more practical than plastic ones.
A few popular fabrics used for slipcovers are denim, cotton duck, microfiber, polyester, faux leather, and faux suede.
You’ll find slipcover fabrics in solid colors, geometric prints, abstracts and floral designs.
Choose slipcovers that the manufacturer’s care instructions say can be washed and dried.
So if your sofa is looking a little worn or no longer fits your decorating scheme, salvage it with slipcovers. I enjoyed a delightful Thanksgiving dinner with a lovely family in a gorgeous home in Long Beach, LA, California.
In appreciation for his hospitality, I decided to researched wooden or stone garden benches project for Michael.
Micheal’s property is placed in a woodsy residential setting rather than a row of ocean-front beach houses. However, I can’t pass up the opportunity to point out that rustic benches can also be made from timber.
Wooden garden benches typically cost a fraction of what a slate stone bench might cost, and given that they have their own unique charm, they are worth considering. This bench is great for larger lots and park-like yards, where lumber is abundant and where you might like a couple of benches spread around.
This bench will be a welcome feature next to or in a large wild flower bed, or opposite a veggie garden, allowing the fresh food grower a break and some happy glances over his growing produce. Tip: For more refined wooden garden bench designs with instructions, see links at the end of this article.
To make this bench into a comfortable garden couch, see this How-to make a stone bench with backrest video here.
If you are not familiar with using cement moulds, review the videos below to see how easy it actually is and learn tips-of-the-trade from the garden designer pros. What these videos reveal is that while these benches could be adorable on their own, you could equally place these in groupings. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.

Small-sized windmills, specifically made of wood, can be easily made and installed on a hobbyist's property. There are a variety of wind-powered lawn ornaments you can decorate your yard with, including small windmills. Environmental friendly energy can be produced with windmill turbines, though windmills do not function effectively everywhere. Windmill turbines can produce environmentally friendly energy, although they do not work everywhere. Are you exhausted from trying to find the perfect wooden frame for one of your beloved, but odd sized pictures?
Windmills, pinwheels, whirling windmills or anything powered by wind is always mesmerizing, fascinating and lots of fun. These Waldorf-inspired toys are so quick and easy to make and require no sewing, making them the perfect gift for children. The natural wood absorbed the colours really well and still looked bright and vibrant after drying. These then became the little flower cloaks, being simply wrapped around the bodies and attached with UHU glue along the edges and at the crossover. I stuck the crown on the front of the fairy’s head, glue spread on the reverse side of the bottom edge. Two of my son’s friends are turning 4 soon, both girls who enjoy making things, so I plan to make up a little gift package with the plain dolls, paints, felt flower cloaks etc. The branches can be collected and used to create photo frames, a lattice of plants in pots, baskets, furniture and even miniature birdhouses. They can be painted in bright colors, in a natural pattern, or unnatural with a layer of varnish. Primitive heart shapes can be cut and painted, then added a poem or quote to create a wall plate. Make sure your tools are in good working shape with all the sharp knives and all wires intact.
If you do not mind traveling, flea markets, fairs, festivals and craft shows are held throughout the country and in all seasons. Ready made slipcovers can be delivered to your door in less time and for less money than a new sofa. Sit on them for more than a few minutes and you’re guaranteed to freeze your buns off! They are designed to allow you to see the upholstery while it is being protected and kept looking attractive, forever — as attractive as plastic covered seating can be!
The surfaces will look smooth and even under the slip cover and the couch will look sleek and polished. However, home-owner Michael sighed he wished to add some contemplative garden space, that would take advantage of the yard’s beautiful corner viewpoint.
Stone benches are unique in their serene & rustic feel, their durability and low maintenance. Given the temperate climate in southern California, a wooden garden bench could also last Michael a long time. No wood-working skills required, but you must have some measuring skills and be able to use a chain saw (or know someone who can ~ wink) No nails required. This clear 2-minute how-to make a stone bench video explains each step: from how to make a compacted gravel base to placing the wood seat, all steps are simple without mixed concrete. I suggest you use materials in like with the quality of materials used for the main house as that determines the resell value of the property. Professional garden designers create unity by repeating design elements, and I suggest you do the same. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.

Traditionally, windmills have been used to generate electricity, or even to grind farmed grains.
The tail allows the windmill to shift direction into the oncoming wind and subsequently turns the sails as the air speed grows.
Make sure the end of the tail has a large 6-by-6-inch piece of plywood to catch the wind gusts as they pass. Where the two petals either side of the face reached the cloak, I folded them slightly upwards and forwards, and applied a little dot of extra glue to make them face forwards. It’ll be a dual-purpose pressie – hopefully an enjoyable afternoon making the dolls, and then lots of fun playing with them! If you do it part time, or if you want to create a full-time business, there are endless possibilities to explore. Make sure branches are fresh when you pick them up, and cut them slightly longer than the required length. The rocking horses are also very popular and can be made very simply do whatever way you want. It can also be used a scroll saw to create wood patterns and letters that can be used for plates, tapestries and decorative gardens. You’ll spend less time updating your living room and more time enjoying it with the family. They are versatile and can be used for formal traditional, sleek contemporary or cozy country living room decorating. Try ready made sofa slipcovers and your living room will look put together and stylish — and you’ll barely lift a finger! Measure the exact location of each bench leg, and dig out the lawn in that location and fill each base with stabilizing material.
As the windmill spins, it can power a generator for electrical production or operate mechanical devices that are attached within.
We found some little sticky paper flowers in our craft stash that are meant for scrap-booking projects, and used them to add a little detail to the front of the cloaks.
Are these the same type of wooden pegs that you can get at craft shops like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s? You can use wood glue, wire or thin rope to hold the branches together in any way you need.
The building blocks are the wooden toys simplest to make because all you have to do is cut a wooden board, as one of several sizes 4×4 and sand the rough edges and then paint with paint or varnish. A wooden toy chest will bring fond memories, but remember to use safety hinges, or even rope hinges to tie the top for security reasons. If you are doing multiple objects of the same type, make them in steps to make the process faster, for example, cut all parts at the same time rather than individually. Be sure to do your best work, and the wood is cut and sanded smoothly without sharp edges or splinters. A quick search will list websites that allow you to sell your items without having to create your own site, simply upload images, descriptions and prices. The Internet also gives you the contact information of the companies that will buy your rustic crafts and add your own wood stock. An additional option to sell your crafts in wood is to ask local stores and shops selling by consignment. Consider the time it takes you to make them, the cost of materials, advertising rates, shipping costs and raise enough to cover costs and additionally to have a benefit.

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