The 60 degree band saw is an extremely useful crosscut sled for creating wood inlay banding and parquetry.
The 60 degree band saw sled was developed by The Apprentice and The Journeyman to create parquetry and wood inlay bandings in a safe and highly accurate manner.
A woodworker’s skill level, woodworking needs, and imagination all come into play when working with the 60 degree band saw sled.
Once you create diamonds on the 60 degree band saw sled, you will likely find yourself rearranging the diamonds to create a decorative star pattern.
Once the 60 degree band saw sled is built, it is important to check the settings on the band saw.
If you have a spray sealer handy, it’s a good idea to seal the 60 degree band saw sled.
Enjoy this great crosscut sled to customize your furniture projects, picture frames, jewelry boxes, cutting boards, etc. Once the body is the right shape, cut ?” to ?” off the back of the body and set that aside.
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I recently found a box mattress and a headboard leaning up against the dumpster on my way to the shop. I’m honestly not a huge hand tool kinda guy but sometimes a sharp hand saw is quicker than getting a power tool and extension cord out.

To form the scoop you simply slide the interior cutoff to one side and glue it back in place.
To reduce the thickness of the scoop in the front I planed a long shallow chamfer with my cheap-o plane. Shaping the scoop by hand was a lot of fun but actually took a lot longer than I was planning on. If it’s not a project for my wife or my shop I normally just give it away but I wanted to keep the larger scoop for myself to use with dog food. As I said before the inspiration for this project came from Patrick’s Work Shop on YouTube. This crosscut sled along with a clamped stop-block ensures that the woodworker can make duplicatable and repeatable cuts. Build this crosscut sled, make a few angled cuts on some scrap material, and you will quickly see for yourself. Then you may start to experiment with the colors of your wood design by adding contrasting wood tones. To smooth things out I clamped my random orbital sander in my vise and used it as a benchtop model. For example, try cutting wood segments of maple, walnut, and cherry with this band saw accessory. Once assembled, you can choose to paint your faux animal head or let the beauty of the wood shine through. I wanted to make each scoop different so I glued two of these blocks side by side as a larger scoop blank.

I normally would have just held the scoop in one hand and the sander in the other but recently I replaced the hook and loop pad on the sander and since then it has been hard to handle.
Before long, you will be creating beautiful diamond wood inlay banding and stunning hardwood veneers of parquetry. Play around with the colors of these wood segments and find a design that works best for you. Working with small wooden pieces on the table saw with or without crosscut sleds can be a challenge due to its rapidly spinning saw blade. Now, take 30-60-90 drafting triangle or the Wixey digital angle gauge and set one edge along the saw kerf of the sled. I’m not sure if the new pad is not as balanced as the stock pad but the vibration from this sander is almost unbearable now. We want the 60 degree band saw sled to be perfectly parallel to the band saw table during the cutting operations. So I brought them back to the shop where they sat for about a week before I thought of a project where I could use some of the materials. When cutting out the larger scoop I put some scrap wood below the handle to prevent the blade from pulling the handle down.
However, it is a very good idea to keep the bearing guide assembly to a height just above the material being cut.

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