In this post, we take a look at some of the common solutions that people have come up with for combating DVD clutter. Actually, there used to be a time in which it was considered pretty cool to have your DVDs hanging on a board or on the wall without covers as a piece of snazzy high tech wall art. This, of late has evolved into a style of having an entire set of CD cases printed with a custom design and then arranged on the wall. What we are aboutOur mission is to help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes. Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design.
This may need to be in suppliers but I thought people in here would maybe have more of an idea. Ideally metal, as my living room is a combination of metal shelves and retro (I suppose) wood, so bog standard pine or oak will look out of place. When you think about it, there must be hundreds of VHS storage units previously used by CCTV companies before the digital age.
I read that long thread and there didn't seem to be anything that fitted my brief, everything seemed to have them out on 'show' I was also looking for a chest of drawers style as it'll need to fit under a serving hatch I have between the Kitchen & Living room. I am desperate for affordable massive shelves from floor to ceiling I have some now, but they were hotch potch made ones from other shelves, and I cannot take them with me if I move home because of size. I like boxes and seeing the spines of all my discs, in a way its nice to see them spines before my eyes like a library. I am not cheap mind you haha the shelves I have at the moment may well weigh as much as the thousands of discs on them.
I will take pics (didn't think of that to be fair) Will also be getting a HIfi shelf and book shelves underneath that built by the fella to.
The Holding Company only do the new ELFA system - where you screw one top-track to the wall and then hang the uprights from that.

I used ELFA "traditional" where the uprights themselves are screwed to the wall - both systems use the same type of shelf bracket. These guys are great, they even phoned me after I ordered to apologise that the uprights were out of stock, would I mind waiting an extra day? Holds about 700 DVDs, the shelves are about two centimetres narrower than a DVD making them easy to get out but the uprights and top and base stick out a little further, so it looks fairly neat.
Thats what I always wanted, but I have so many bloomin discs I would need 10+ of them shame they are not thinner as well, a bit too deep for just dvd and blu rays. I made my own years ago from sets of Argos mini shelf units and hacked them into halfs, glued them and now they go from floor to ceiling with 10 shelves per unit and can hold 500ish discs. In many ways, he reminds me of the character in the Dos Equis beer commercial – the guy known as the Most Interesting Man in the World. I like it and I was recently looking at my CD-DVD collection, which is now in those big box plastic storage cases, and your concept fits the bill perfectly and I will give it a try.
I have a question about construction – are the individual shelves in dados or pocket screwed in place. CD DVD Storage RackLook to Gary Housewares for additinal great home storages and organizers. Fish outlook CD DVD holder storage rackWooden finsh outlook CD DVD holder, modern designed, bright color Blue, good price,personality style reflection of the teenage, Max. If you need to run your wires along your wall over distance, then this shelving system is designed to work seamlessly with the XA354 Cable Management System.
But it’s how you deal with them that ultimately determines how much of a clutter-free person you will be in life! This nifty case can hold upto 265 discs and will be your if you are willing to shell out Rs.28,000 ($580 Approx).
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The uprights screw to the wall and the shelf supports clip into them (so they're adjustable).
They called me an hour later to say they'd got someone to search the warehouse for odd ones and twos left over from other orders and all would arrive the next morning. Standard sized ones are just fine - I bought all the wallplugs, upright and bracket screws etc I needed for under a fiver from Screwfix!
Held together mostly with dowels, with just a few screws down through the top shelp to keep it held together and a piece of hardboard tacked to the back to keep it square and solid.
This handy CD organizer can be stacked with multiple units for even greater CD storage on a desktop or shelf. Ideally it will be in a series of drawers like below, so I can store them spine up and out of sight. I am planning on doing a dvd room, so I guess it needs some thought haha not gonna rush into it, so threads like this help with ideas. Only place I have found so far on a trawl of the web in the UK is an archival place, that wanted the thick end of ?1000, surely it cant be this hard to find somewhere that has designed drawers for just this purpose. I have over seven hundred discs and most of them will be in these sleeves, with extra shelves for an Ikea Billy.
The way I have done it is also sticking the shelving in the hallway so using up space that would otherwise be dead anyways, and gives me more room in the sitting room.
It was sturdy enough to survive a recent house move but I am now considering building another larger rack of basically the same design (except, going round a corner and with some Blu-Ray sized shelves as well) to fit in the study at the new house.

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