Now, a lot of people will spend time going to furniture stores and looking for a tall dresser that they like, however, you first need to know what is out there.
Tall Narrow Dresser – If you are looking to buy a tall narrow dresser, then just know that they work better for small spaces such as closets.
Tall Multi-Drawer Dressers – The multi-drawer dressers are those that have more than one drawer in each row. Colorful Dressers – If you don’t just want a plain tall white dresser, then you can always choose a colorful one. One thing you should know regarding a tall dresser is that they don’t have to look just like they do out of the furniture store, you can dress them up. Use A Table Runner – One way to improve the look of a tall dresser is to add a table runner on top of it.

Add Different Drawer Pulls – Another very simple thing you can do is change the drawer pulls to something else. There are a lot of tall dressers that you can choose from, so instead of getting overwhelmed with all the options you must narrow your option down prior to going shopping. These are great for kids as they have more than one color on them and can even help kids remember which drawer has which items in it.
In the short list below you will see a couple ways to design and style your tall dresser to make it look like more your style. What this will do is create a table cloth type look on the dresser and the fact that it will hang over the sides will create a different design for you.
This is a great thing to do when you want to make it match the room that it is currently in.

Just know that a tall dresser has a lot of things that you can do to it in order to make it more stylish and cater to your design sense. Now, if you have a lot of clothes, then you will find that these tall dressers just don’t work as good.
For people who like to keep shirts, socks, under garments and pants all separated, this is the type of tall dresser that you must get.
The reason more and more people use a tall dresser is to give them more space within their room.

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