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Over the last few weeks the resident Common Blackbirds in our garden have been singing beautifully. We have had wonderful generations of a Dove family in this basket over and over again for the last three years.
This is the third season that the mourning doves have mated and raised a brood on our front porch.Now we know that our hanging flowers will be covered by nests.
For three years or more, as soon as I put my hanging pots out, I have a dove making a nest in it.
These birds won’t use a traditional, enclosed bird house, so a nesting shelf is perfect for them.

So far the birds fly off when we open the front door so we're trying to use the back door as much as possible.I moved the pot higher up on the chain so they would feel a bit less visible when someone comes to the door, and today when I went out for the paper the nesting bird didn't take off. The scripts within this file all do something in the site, such as run your facebook or social widgets, Google analytics, fluid resizing and other functions.
Our Eco-Friendly Nesting Shelf is made of durable, recycled plastic that stays beautiful for years with no maintenance! So I'm hoping they're getting used to some activity near the nest.The eggs are so pretty I almost wish they wouldn't hatch! For the second year running they have used a shelf in the pool shed where the pump and filter for our swimming pool are housed. We immediately stop using the front door when they arrive to allow them privacy and fewer interruptions.It is just so much fun to watch the process.

I'm thinking of waiting for the bird to fly off and quickly putting a little bit of water into the plant every other day or so.
It does not yet have a tail but its little wings are developing nicely and bounces around very well. It's getting pretty hot here and I don't want my plan to die.Luckily it was watered right before the eggs were laid.

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