Get organized this new year and discover these 16 Spice Rack Storage Solutions for your kitchen! Use the wasted and unused space next to a refridgerator and make this DIY sliding spice and canned food storage rack. Use multiple inexpensive wire mesh pencil holders and screw them into the side walls of a pantry or closet to hold all your spices.
This newel post on the cabinets does not only add a beautiful architectural element to the kitchen but it also hides a spice rack! Build your own spice rack cabinet in between the wall studs and hide it all with a wood door.
Use the few inches that peek out from the side of your fridge to store and display the magnetic spice containers.

Maximize space and use the insides of closet, pantry, and cabinet doors for a pre-bought or custom made door mounted spice rack. Simple Plastic Spice Rack Organizer clips hold spice bottles on the inside of a cupboard easily and securely. I’m not sure which spice rack storage solution I’ll choose to use yet, but wow, I certainly have a ton of ideas to decide upon!
Note: Prices for pull-out type spice racks can be found on our Pull-Out Shelves price sheet. Please contact me if you would like to use any media (photos, video or audio files), tutorials, or ideas from this blog.
From our most popular, the hinged spice rack, to something customized to match your existing cabinets, we offer the cook at your home a little slice of daily convenience.

This month I’m going to try to focus on my kitchen and a few other spots in the home. I used several jars in various sizes to make winter scenes for gifts, recipients seemed to really like them.

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