I love the idea of adding the A-frame considering that where i live there are no real trees to hang it on and building a porch where one doesn't already exist is a pain in the butt! The little sailors in your family will be overjoyed to clamber aboard the Youngster's Yacht from Play Mor Swing Sets. This ship also features three "ports of entry" for Rock Climbs, Pipe Climbs, or Cargo Nets. An Attachment Beam can be installed on top of the rail at either level making this yacht a truly versatile vessel of fun. Call it the boys' pirate ship, Noah's Ark, or the soon most famous Youngster's Yacht—this wooden ship playset is an all-time winner in exotic outdoor playsets. These miscellaneous equipment plans will add some flair and variety to your backyard playground. For anyone with a little skill with tools and a bit of energy, you’ve provided some excellent resources for building some great play sets for the kids. This wine storage cabinet boasts modern design and robust construction built of solid woods and veneers.
This tasteful bar set is a practical table with folding top and a built-in cupboard and two comfortable stools. This type of stool is a small, space saving piece of furniture made of 100% acrylic material that not only looks attractive, but also provides a very good weight capacity.
Indoor and Outdoor Pallet Bench Sitting Area - Pallet Furniture I would work on making these for the living room too. While our days of swinging from the monkey bars are long behind us, our kids make up for it by spending hours jumping, running, climbing, and sliding up and down their favorite playground equipment.
Bring the Indoors Out “Don’t be afraid to bring your interior furnishings outdoors,” she says.

Deliciously stylish ideas for food stations at outdoor rustic weddings from taco bars to wine and cheese displays to pie tables. Contact us with errors, copyright information, problems or suggestions to our plans or DIY info. The Juneau Kit features all pre-cut premium stained lumber and the Rapid-Loc Bracket System required to build your swing set. While waiting for the supplies, we went ahead and put the swings on since the beam was fine. I knew that the set would be a huge hit-but I underestimated just how much they would play with it! Evan fell in love with a rock climbing wall at a local playground several months ago and was thrilled when he saw his play set would have one. They had almost completely quit using our metal one because it squeaked and the slide broke on it.
The quality really is great and the set is extremely sturdy, but there were a few pieces of wood that split. I think it is best to get these sets when the kids are young so that they get maximum use out of it. Be sure to visit Swing-N-Slide and check out their products that provide hours of outdoor fun!
It looks like it was a lot of work to put the Juneau Wood Play Set together with so many parts to assemble, but oh my, the places kids can go with their imaginations is this fantastic backyard wonder that has so many great features! We have been wanting to get a playset simiiar to this for our son but we plan on moving next year. On the front deck (5' level) a 12' Gang Plank, 10' slide, 5' Hanging Bridge, or 5' Ladder would fit the two standard openings.

Then choose the nostalgic Mast and Sail option and you'll be sure to put some wind in your youngster's sails! It offers the quality of workmanship, durability, and customization our unique line of outdoor playsets are known by. This plan collection will get your kids off the couch and out playing in the fresh air, sunshine and poison ivy of your backyard! Your backyard will really stand out if you decide to take the time to build any of these bad boys!
Above deck the "crew" can shoot marbles or play jacks on the spacious front deck while the watchful "skipper" carefully guides the vessel from the Captain's Booth on the upper deck.
A 14' Scoop Wave Slide or Turbo Tube Slide would nicely equip the standard opening on the upper deck (7' level).
On the day of it was actually suppose to rain, but the sun came out and the day was perfect. I bet even my 10 year old would have fun with it, I just love all the different activities that a child can do with a set like that! Meanwhile, in the spacious hold of the ship, the "Sailing Ladies Society" could be conducting a formal tea party.

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