A couple of months ago I spotted a DIY project for a salvaged barnwood headboard over on Design Sponge—immediately forwarding the link to my boyfriend. A friend of his had some old fence boards in need of a good home, so we took them off his hands, hit up Home Depot for a few supplies and then got started on making our headboard. At any rate, here are some pictures we took during the project and some shots of our headboard in its final resting place. Likewise, I do my best to credit each image or photo I use, and will gladly remove one if requested to do so - just let me know.
I feel like you instagrammed (did I really just use that as a verb??) a picture of this a while back and I was curious how it turned out! I love the look of the reclaimed wood, but we followed AKA Designs advice and got some pine from Home Depot. Step 6: Measure exactly where you want the bottom of the headboard in your room and then cut the legs and drill holes to correspond to the location of the holes in the bedframe. Step 8: Attach to the bed frame with bolts, insert the bolts from headboard side to prevent damage to wall trim.
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Decorating With Plaid: In a wood-planked barn, a cow hide warms up the floor, wooden cots are topped with country stripes, and a red-and-white plaid blanket is on hand for extra-chilly nights.

Another angle, a different day (we are having trouble figuring out how to photograph our bedroom with the best light).
The main tricky part that we ran across is that we have a chair rail in our bedroom (our first DIY after we signed the lease – our bedroom went from renters beige to teal and white.
My brother in law is finally coming to pick up his furniture we have been borrowing while we transition into the new home and we are about to be without beds and sleeping on mattreses only.
What better way to bring warmth and history to your bedroom than with a reclaimed DIY wood headboard? A Formal Feeling Comes saw her neighbor discarding their wood siding and thought it would be the perfect material to create a unique headboard – and she was right!   While the original one she created was rectangular, she jigsawed her way into stylish lines and a special headboard for her mattress.
From old fence boards comes a gorgeous, character filled headboard by House Tweaking.  This is certainly the ultimate love bed!
Playing with the size of this headboard creates a dramatic piece made of salvaged wood, by laure at home.  I really like how the headboard frames the mattress generously. This DIY pallet headboard from Stylizmo has garnered quite a bit of blogging attention, and certainly for good reason.  I love the muted colors and how easy of a DIY this is.  It leaves you with lots of extra money to splurge on a good mattress!
Yes, this is like inviting an entire tree to live in your bedroom, but why not?  As a DIY, this project would be quite a stretch, but I know my modern husband would love this creating by Hudson Furniture to be our bedroom set. At the time, we were living in different cities (him in Chico, me in Sac), and one weekend when I was visiting him we (and by we, I mean he)  decided to tackle the project. While the headboard has actually been done for months now, it just recently made it’s way to our new home that we share together in Sacramento. Besides, I really took on more of a supervisory role on this project so I’m not sure I could even tell you what Jeff did or in what order he did it.

I know we bleached the wood first (to kill any bugs) and then sprayed it with a solution we made by soaking a steel wool in vinegar. Cam knew I was wanting a wood DIY headboard, so designed and built this himself (of course adding some geekery for me, with the 8-bit Zelda hearts). Cam drew a pattern of the 8-bit Legend of Zelda health heart, then used a jigsaw to cut several hearts out of basic poplar boards.
Our Nerd Home chronicles our attempts at mixing our passion for all things geek with DIY home projects. Ummm…it is actually a clear water base lacquer, so it seal and creates a bit of sheen.
Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Nook And Sea Diy Wood Pallet For Headboard With Natural Style Of Interior BedroomJoin the discussion on this Nook And Sea Diy Wood Pallet For Headboard With Natural Style Of Interior Bedroom using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. He also cut several more boards to 5′ long (we have a queen size bed) to act as the main headboard. We have been kind of obsessed with it lately and stained all of our shelves and a table this color as well. It didn’t take the stain *exactly* like the rest of the wood (you can see it in the 3rd photo from top, the very bottom board), but our pillows generally cover it.
On the can it looks much lighter, but so far no matter what wood we use, it comes out this warm, rustic shade.

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