There are a couple of links I want to share that might move you in the direction of considering this look.
Layers Of Learning Blog posted absolutely stunning photos of a room that they used plywood cut into 6? strips of wood.
They mention in their article that plywood floors allowed them to transform their WHOLE house because of the low cost of the materials.  This certainly a reason to consider this option.
Plywood gives you the option to cut wide planks with real grain.  For those of you who want the REAL thing, this would be an affordable way of getting the look for less. Another plus to plywood floors is if something is spilled on the floors, which ruins several boards, all they would have to do is rip up the damaged boards, and replace them with the same finishing paint, stain or varnish! About to open a shop in Newport, RI, store owner Jordan decided to tackle the outdated carpet flooring that came with the shop.  Being that the shop was a historic home built in the early 1700?s, she wanted something more period appropriate.
People want to have something unique or antique in their house such as distressed wood flooring. First of all, you just need to install plain hardwood which is cost less than the distressed one.
After that, you can also apply dents and scratches so your wood flooring will be more natural than before.
DIY Network experts show how to create a focal point in a room by installing hardwood flooring and tile inlay.

DIY Tips Hardness Scale Hardwood On Stairs Hardwood Floor Designs, Ideas – Inlays, Insets.
Before you start a DIY hardwood flooring installation, be sure to read these preparation and installation tips. Many people can only afford a couple rooms with the other options.  Plywood is so inexpensive, that you can do it yourself, and it is affordable.
This kind of flooring can be considered as unique since it has stain pattern which makes it look unique. Engineered wood floors are very flexible in regards to their installation and are a feasible option.. These disks are then sanded down, arranged on the floor (no gaps!), glued down, and coated with polyurethane. Both aspects are supported one to another in order to help you get the best outcome of your flooring project. However, sometimes when you want something unique or antique, you need to spend a lot of money for it.
After you do all of the steps, you would not need to spend a lot of money to buy unique furniture since you can make it by yourself.
See installation Stone inlay and wood inlay at stone inlay and wood inlays that can be used for furniture and flooring.

These things are not a recipe for a stable hardwood floor installation, however When working with inlays, and floors in general, it is often Decorative hardwood floor borders and floor inalys from USA Inlays.
Wood Floor Contractor: Inlays Here you can find some very helpful information on Hardwood Floor with Tile Inlay.
Consider making a jig to help with the measuring and marking for where the nails are to go. Well, actually you can get this kind of flooring without afraid of spending so much money since you can do it by yourself.
When you have already dried the stain, you can use sandpaper to duplicate the stain to the other area. This will enable you to line up the previous board and mark rather than measure for every single nail. Rare Earth Hardwoods sells Wood Floor Inlays, Medallions and Wood Floor Borders for hardwood flooring. The design of the things in the house building such as flooring is the must thing you should have for the house.

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