Redditor, reallifedog, made this for his girlfriend and very kindly posted a good tutorial. Usually I screw deck screws through each of the boards to attach the corners of my raised beds but using brackets to hold them together does work better. While the hardware stores sell all kinds of brackets that are meant for construction they can easily be used to make your raised beds!
Look here for more information on raised beds, constructing raised beds, or designing raised beds.
If we can ever get out of here (still no driveway) I'm going to get some angle iron then I can do my raised beds I have everything else. I love the shadecloth + netting version!  Not the prettiest version of a garden bed, but dang it looks practical!
I love gardening and even though its early in the year, I already have bell peppers and tomatoes growing! When you start your bed, you need to consider what you are planting, how much sunlight it will need and how much space will be needed for the plant to root properly. The size is irrelevant until building, but we will assume that the bed will be 3 ft x 5 ft.
If you are using 1×6 to build, then you will want your bed to be 2 or 3 boards high depending on how deep you want your bed.

Next you will connect the ends (the shorter pieces) to the corner board just like you did with the side pieces. After you have finished the side assembly, you can beautify your raised bed by adding a top plate. I obtained these images from Chris Loves Julia because the quality was excellent and this is the original page that I used to build my own!
I love being able to share my experiences, give advice, and help others to be as successful as possible! With the screw in method I find after a while that the corners begin to rot, the screws begin to loosen, and the corner doesn’t hold together.
I find it a bit difficult to hand weed or plant all the way across a 1 metre bed, and i hate getting up and moving to the other side.I also like posts at the corners, to stop hoses dragging across the beds as i move around to water. You will also need 4 corner braces and you will want to use a 2×2, this will be about the size of a porch picket.
I hope that you enjoyed this article and that it helps you to create the garden of your dreams, or at east get started on it.
By using cheap and simple brackets available at any hardware store you can add a little longevity to those raised beds in the vegetable garden and keep the raised bed corners intact longer. Used 2 types of tin, the roller door square tin holds better and doesn't bulge as much.

You will want to use screws to do this because it will hold better, but you can always use nails if you prefer. Dave has a side business growing and selling heirloom vegetables and herb plants through Blue Shed Gardens and works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN.
I'm going to try and make the soil a little fluffier - mushroom compost?Straw for mulch?What should I put on the corners?
If you add this to your you simply lay it in the bottom and staple it about 2 inches up on all sides all the way around. I am curious about all things pertaining to parenting, and everyday becomes a brand new learning adventure for me and my family. Keep this in mind with your construction method.Leave room at the top for a good layer of mulch.

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