I must apologize!  Time and life just seems to get away from us and much has happened since my wife and I started this project.   We have completed this cabin and started another!  We also purchased an existing cabin rental business too!  We have learned much over the past couple of years and are thinking about sharing, but finding time seems impossible.  Running a business and trying to raise 3 kids has been a challenge, but we are having a blast!
One of the first questions I almost always get asked about our log cabin project is which kit did you choose?
A basement foundation would have been great for installing mechanicals (HVAC, well pump, etc.), but no bones about it, this would have been the most expensive option. Choosing a log suppler is probably one of the most important decisions to be made when building a log cabin.
Drain tile has a pretty straight forward goal of trying to keep ground water away from the building. A couple of days ago while doing some back grading with my tractor I managed to bend two hydraulic cylinders on the front-end loader. After we decided that we wanted to move forward with building a rental cabin, we next needed to decide what we wanted to offer in the cabin.
All of these ideas came together rather quickly, and we decided that we liked a 2-bedroom cabin for various privacy issues.
I knew better than to try to put in a foundation this time of year in southern Illinois, but for some reason I thought I could beat mother nature.   But I was wrong, and am now paying the price. A little over a week ago I was able to get the foundation all staked out and dug on the very same day.
Whether you plan a big or small DIY log cabin home, we can tailor a kit to meet your specific needs !!!
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. The jig plans have instructions for making and attaching the saw spacers to the chainsaw bar. After you decide on the cabin dimensions, add 4 inches to each and use those numbers to cut the logs to length. Who cares what it does I cant stand people now days like really do you think a log cabins gonna end the world?

Maybe the wrong place to ask but, why is it so that in USA the log-cabins have big gaps between the logs so you need to fill it up with something, like clay and synthetic stuff? If you know what you are doing it doesn't take longer, but it also depends on what kind of notch method and tools you are using.
From what I've read in some parts of northwest Europe this is the traditional approach.
If you use something rigid, it will crack over time (less than a year) due to the expanding and contracting of the logs with humidity. Good on you for the hard material not working, but using the traditional clay won't rot out the wood in a few years. The chinking suppliers sell and rent much more efficient systems for applying the chinking.
Did we want to go with a strictly rustic, straight out of Little House on the Prairie log cabin, or something more updated? Remembering that “everybody needs a little time away”, it is always nice whether various friends are on the trip, or if you are coming with your family or even extended families really benefit from having at least 2 bedrooms to separate everyone into. By building your own, you can have a custom set of jigs that will work for your particular log dimensions and end up with the gap between the logs that you want. It is also difficult to get permits for any kind of wooden dwelling as our frequent hurricanes turn boards into high speed missiles. Good jobs, if the logs are not totally dry (kiln dried) then they will settle about 1 inch per foot of height.
The dovetails make the logs fall together rather than apart and there are some log cabins that are hundreds of years old and might be a little warped, but the walls are as structurally sound as ever since they basically have to rot into the ground before those joints come apart. The cabin was moved there in the middle of 1800's so we estimate it was originally built over 200 years ago. Mud and moss is a more traditional approach but it has a huge draw back: Mud and moss retain moisture which means that in less than 3 years, you would have to build a whole new cabin due to structure being destroyed by fungi of one sort or another. We thought about what we would like in a vacation cabin, and drew from experiences we have had on past vacations.

To go with the cabin theme, we determined that a log cabin design often lends itself well to a loft area. I've worked 24 years as a Navy Builder and would love to do this for my retirement project. But we also get 90 -100 degree, high humidity summers, and these buildings still hold up very well.
So rather than rotting or burning (either releases an equal amount of carbon), they will become part of a building. I think I would be good at it with my experience and all but I will talk to my dad and see what he says. But if you make a Dala-notch with round timber and only use hand tools that takes about 30-45min for a expert to do but with chainsaw, scary fast.
A very conservative 5 squeezes per foot times top, bottom and middle equals 15 squeezes per foot.
We also had to factor in what size cabin we wanted, and still smarting from our recently-assessed home, we also factored in what taxes were going to cost us on this new cabin. And we implemented the open-floor plan that so many people enjoy in more modern home designs.
I have so many examples because I'm 20min away from an old settlement that they preserved the log cabins from early 1700s.
We will work with you to assist your efforts and develop the Log Cabin Home Kit to meet your specific needs.

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