There were probably a hundred things my husband would rather have spent his Saturday afternoon working on, but he moved my quilt ladder to the top of his list and I absolutely love it! He was able to cut the wood and put it together in about an hour and then we sanded and stained it. The rungs are screwed in on a slight angle (tipping forward) so that the quilts have dimension instead of laying flat.
After screwing and assembling the ladder I applied a coat of Jacobean Minwax stain (my favorite shade, I’ve used this for other projects too) and let it dry for 8 hours. I’m not sure how much this would have cost to purchase, but we made it forĀ under $15. There are 4 rungs on mine which are quite spaced out…but with the diy quilt ladders- you can customize it to whatever will fit what you need. My quilt ladder features a wider top bar that is removable and has a bottom plate to keep it more securely in place, but really a super simple quilt ladder will do the trick. After looking for a bit I’ve come up with a little collection you can use as reference if you are looking to make your own.

They are a little bit of work, but if you have a handy man around the house- I’m sure you will be just fine!
There is a variety of styles including dowel bars, flat bars, some are painted, others stained.
Looking for other fun ways to organize your sewing studio or supplies that aren’t in a quilt yet? Quilt rack might not be the most important piece of furniture but it can also play its role in your house.
Use an old drying rack - Great idea and many times you can find an old time worn drying rack at fleamarkets and yard sales. SALE Vintage Large Wall Mounted Wooden Chippy Shabby Clothes Drying Rack for your linens or quilt storage 12 folding arms bars.
He angled the back so that it laid flush against the wall and I added felt pads so that the stain didn’t rub off on the paint.
Having grown up with creative influences around me, I have a deep appreciation for all things handmade.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Now you stand before a rare opportunity to pick one from such a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes of these. Owner Deb Burton and her daughter, Steffani, make three new quilts a week to update their ever-rotating display.
Even rickety ones like this make perfect displays for blankets, linens, towels and vintage textiles.
When given the choice between a good book or a craft project, the scissors and glue sticks win every time.

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