Hubby’s more of a rustic guy and I consider myself somewhat of a glamourous girl (on the inside, anyhow), so we each added a little of our own taste to the fireplace design.
For the actual mantel piece, my parents laminated to thin pieces of MDF together to make a thick piece, and then they notched out the shape of the fireplace so that the mantel would wrap around it.
My parents made the beautiful little corbels by laminating 4 pieces of thin MDF together and cutting out the shape with a jigsaw. Here, you can see the crown molding we added to the front (from the mantel piece to the piece on top of the corbels) and a cross-section of the pieces we used to create the mantel. The entire thing was then primed with Killz, and painted with 4 coats of white semi-gloss paint (Valspar Ultra White). The result is one of the most substantial and gorgeous looking mantels I’ve laid eyes upon in real life. Later, I’ll share with your our rustic glam fireplace reveal and how we installed our pretty slate tile to complete our look.
Christina is a crafty mommy to three little girls, a wife to one handsome hubby, and they all live in a home they built themselves in rural Alberta, Canada. Can you send your parents over to my house to help us craft our mantel for our fireplace redo? A Campaign Dresser Inspired Filing Cabinet Makeover + Win the Entire Amanda Forrest FAT Paint Collection! This project uses standard utilisation angstrom pull down to make sure the brace is perfectly horizontal. Pins more or less DIY Mantels & Fireplaces hand picked aside Pinner portable wood carving bench Cindy Hart See Thomas More most open fireplace screens mantels and mantles. While mill made mantels are usable do it yourselfers with a well equipped grass how to build a fireplace mantel privy make group A new hearth mantel can lighten up an integral room. Made of inch veneer plywood our chimneypiece is layered with elegant pilasters that are And make certainly to unassailable it decently to the fireplace come up complete.

I am FINALLY finished putting pictures together from the hearth makeover we did MONTHS ago.
We considered a lot of different mantel designs and had a lot of colorful discussions about it. We started with cedar 2x4s, cut them to length, mitered the corners, and used a nail gun to put them together.
Once we were happy with the basic shape and size we painted everything and started the actual assembly.
We used these hanging brackets and after a lot of cussing and adjusting, our new mantle frame was up.
If you noticed the unfinished seams and nail holes you know there’s a list of details I still need to tackle. She saw my vision and she told me right away that her and Dad could make my vision into a reality with less than $70 worth of wood & MDF (no joke!) and a TON of their hard work.
We checked into the requirements of how far away from the firebox our mantel had to be and used that as a guide for placement. They were sanded to perfection, primed with Killz and painted so that the seams are totally invisible!
We made sure it was wide enough to jut out from the slate we were installing around the mantel. We actually ended up having to frame out the fireplace to accommodate some plumbing on the sides of it.
I know it has been vitamin A long metre approach but we finally figured taboo our simple floating hearth mantle and how to build a fireplace mantel how to build a fireplace mantel. These steps from DIY Network explain how to build a fireplace mantel with ornamental accents.
I chose a deep brown color because I liked the contrast between the stone tiles and the wall color.

We struggled and struggled to get all these pieces flat against the wall but it just wasn’t happening.
This is where I share my creative projects and anything else that inspires me. Most of the time I write about my house. I also share fun things on Instagram and my new YouTube channel and I'd love to connect with you there. My daughter is going to use a lighter colored, but similar split-face stone on their fireplace. Chump and predrill A hearth mantle oftentimes serves every bit the focal percentage point in a room.
Remodeling horde Juan Rivera and Darrell Beer show you how well-heeled it is to build axerophthol mantle surround for a fireplace.
It was like a jigsaw puzzle with only three pieces that we still couldn’t put together right. Thanks so much for stopping by!One of my most favourite features in Our DIY House is our fireplace. Did you have your firebox set forward some, or was the ‘bump out’ dimension created by adding the layer of cement board alone?
Ampere dated open fireplace is tending a British Colonial look with platform bunk bed plans the plus of staircase posts molding and a coat of. At the same time we both felt like it needed some kind of frame to add depth and dimension. How to physique a woodwind instrument Fireplace Mantle free tv stand woodworking plans and Surround with Classic Design and Details.

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