Get your family’s creative DIY juices flowing and let Dallas Habitat’s ReStores help you redecorate for a fraction of the normal cost – all while giving back to the community! And if you’re looking for more ideas, take a tip or two from the pros competing in the Dallas Habitat Design Duel, where two deserving Dallas County residents have won a $3,000 design makeover (using only materials from the ReStores) led by a team of local interior designers.
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Next I sprayed a light coat of Chalkboard paint across the labels not entirely covering them. So super – I always wish someone would invent these for my tupperware in the fridge too. I love this series… we are in full~organization mode around the ranch, too… The labels are a great idea!
We are in the middle of redoing my daughters room (who is with 6 months of Boo in age) and I LOVE this idea, toy and dress up storage is currently my biggest hurdle in trying to figure out the new space. I was wondering the same thing as Jenna asked above — do you think you could do this with Avery labels?
Many online services offer high quality work at competitive prices as well as price and discount game guarantee.
I can see us using this at many family gatherings, parties and even over the holidays on the mantle. For an extra sentimental look, have the kids dab painted hand prints over their “new” furniture. Help your kids spray paint lighting a funky color, and using stencils, add on a creative design or lettering.

Using wallpaper or spray paint, let your kids decorate the can for a fun planter or canister. After the makeover is complete, the public can look at before and after photos and cast their vote on the best design.
It was too hard to find chalkboard paper around here for labels so I made my own using chalkboard spray paint and regular adhesive shelving paper. I’m in the middle of organizing all my craft supplies & I am definitely contemplating chalkboard labels now! I’m a regular follower, and I know I can trust what you write, your opinions, and awesome projects. The idea comes from Erin Lauray and basically, it is turning a regular white fridge into a chalkboard. After going to OH I don’t know what seemed like a gazillion stores and flea markets I found the one above at a local antique place. The Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity ReStores want to help give families creative projects to work on together. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks!
This is such an adorable idea and if you have little ones, this huge chalkboard is sure to be a major pleaser. They offer an abundance of materials perfect for families on a budget – and best of all, these crafty projects teach kids about giving back, as all ReStore proceeds support the Dallas Habitat mission. Although, one question, is is neccessary to use the chalk spray paint on these if the paper has a sticker vynal backing?

You can find Diy Chalkboard Sign Wedding Directional guide and view the latest diy chalkboard sign in here. We measured (twice, always measure at least twice, you’ll thank me) and then headed to our local hardware store to purchase the wood for the backing, they even cut it to fit. You are very talented and I love how you encourage Boo to express herself through art, her words, and her actions.
Happy Monday guys!To keep up with all of our projects, make sure to follow us on Instagram!So… I have a wall. I want to do my own little version too.) Thank you for all you do and sharing yourself with us.
I thought a chalkboard frame would look fantastic at the entrance of her party tent (and it did). This is a very handy tool I would tell anyone to get that plans on hanging anything on the wall…  It saves a ton of time and headache!
More importantly your towel holders that you made, I am in love with, but same thing for the pocket holes, how else can you complete projects like these without the Kreg Jig? Just curious… Mine has a fine layer of chalk dust on it, but I like the look of that?
And thanks for another beautiful project that has inspired me to get creative ?? eeshI love it as usual ladies!

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