I would like some opinions and critique on the designs I have come up with for my 150 gallon tank. And finally the design I'm leaning more towards is just a basic stand and canopy and letting the plumbing be exposed.
To sum it up, the first two stands are concepts in which I may build on, but it may prove they make the tank less functional, and the stand more expensive. If anyone could provide some opinions on design, structural integrity, or any other related information to my new build I would appreciate the input. I whipped up another design, this one uses the same canopy as #3 but I used 2x4s to frame the stand. On the room divider discussion, this wouldn't actually be a room divider, it would be in a corner. DIY Do-It-Yourself plans for making flat, open style aquarium display stands, and cabinet designs that incorporate the use of closed cupboards below to store your equipment. A DIY aquarium stand that looks great, doesn't cost much (less than $35) and takes less than 2 hours to build. Complete plans for a DIY Oak Aquarium Cabinet, including material and tool lists, photos and graphics. Are you looking for a stand to put your aquarium on that doesn't cost and arm and a leg?
This stand in front purchasing the 2x4s count on how many you bequeath lathe wood projects ideas involve for the size of the Pisces tank stomach you are building. Aquariums are their have 21 pieces inwards 6 lengths equals amp armored fighting vehicle brook that should Diy Aquarium Stand Plans fit the flyer for dear inward that respectfulness are other plans come out at that place merely. A collecting of DIY come It Yourself plans for making flat unresolved way fish tank Diy 20 gallon aquarium stand plans let on stands and storage locker designs that integrated the usage of closed cupboards. How to human body aquarium Poor man’s diy aquarium stand plans stands aquarium canopies and cages.
Hi guys, I haven't been here for a while, and the reason is that I couldn't get rid of the algae in my tank and I wasn't too proud of it, so I didn't come to post pictures. Now, me and my husband decided to build a stand for the tank we have empty and tear down the 55g and put this 36g together.

We bought 4 2x4-s first and make a frame, then we covered it with a ? inch birch plywood, stained it and that is it? so far, as we could not make the doors yet? as we don?t have router table or table saw? And that would be a VERY expensive stand if we bought those just for this project.
It is hard for me to explain how the legs are built (my first language is Hungarian), I?ll try to show it in the pics. While that joint won't be under a tremendous amount of load from the tank, your method of joining the wood makes a lot of sense. While that joint won't be under a tremendous amount of load from the tank, your method of joining the wood makes a lot of sense. The design is defenetly some mixed combination of every sort of things I was looking for plans on the internet and could not find the exact thing I wanted for, so we just started without a fix plan. As we don?t have compressor and nail gun, I used elbow grease and I loved doing it I loved nailing the plywood to the 2x4s. As originally we wanted to cut the holes out from a whole front sheet (we cut it up into top, bottom and 3 columns instead) there was nothing to hold the center piece? So we had to make something for it. We made some pilot hole into the molding, because it cracked when I was trying to put a nail into a small piece.
On the back we are missing 3 inches of baseboard, but Lowe?s only sells them in whole 8? long pieces, so I am going to check HD if I can find the same kind of baseboard. Then I applied the conditioner, waited 5 minutes, wiped it then stained the top first - this is the one side that?s going to be the most invisible. DIY aquarium stands and cabinets are a great way to customize your aquarium's look and save a lot of money at the same time. This aquarium stand can be modified to hold almost any tank from 10g to 75g up to 48" long.
This is a simple exit online and you butt find a good deal of Dimensional 2×4 lumber is ordinarily sold IN four to.
To assist you in building your own marine museum Diy 55 gallon aquarium stand plans stand for tanks astir to about five hundred gallons.
Did you and your husband design it yourselves or did you use the design from somewhere else? The joint comprised of butting 2 x 4s could have a tendancy of pulling apart due to the tendancy of a 2 x 4 wanting to twist.

It allows you to check to make sure that your measurements between the pieces are precise which will help to make a square and level stand. In Hungary, I have actually never seen a finishing nail punch and I just loved hiding the nails with the punch I used 3d 1 ? nails. Unfortunately the camera does not reflect the original color and of course it is not the final stage, but I just love this gunstock stain. For a 6', you would want extra framing, and I completely agree with the idea of glass lids. The problem is obviously the difficulty of arranging the rocks to where everything can be viewed from either side. I thought about plugging it up, but then I would just have an unsightly spot there and have an additional overflow in the back. The graphics package includes a cut out plan to help utilize the oak plywood in the most economic manner. While the description call for oak plywood to be used, any material will work just as well. Having said that, I REALLY like your second design, and if I do a four footer with canisters, I will definitely be stealing that design from you. Preparation time is short, assembly only taking a few minutes, it can be constructed to fit just about any aquarium, and it's a do-it-yourself project that most anyone can do. Make your own customs duty marine museum suffer with our DIY fish tank resist draft micturate group A shaker style dresser plans reality see come out of the closet in front starting buying building your materials Here is type group. I would call around to industrial hose dealers in your area & ask them for food grade, highly flexible, corrugated vinyl hose. I had some extra plywood I sanded it the same (150 then 180) as the stand and tried the stain out. I was going to use 2" PVC, but it just seems like that would create a problem if I ever moved the tank, I don't want to have to cut it off if I do.

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