This dental dictionary is updated often, so be sure to check back for the latest dental terms and definitions.
The four parts of your mouth, that is the upper left, the upper right, the lower left, and the lower right.
A Malocclusion where your bite is OK (your top teeth line up with your bottom teeth) but your teeth are crooked, crowded or turned. Disclaimer: These FAQs are meant to provide general information about orthodontic treatment.

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In Palmer's notation, your mouth is divided into four parts called quadrants, that is the upper left quadrant, the upper right quadrant, the lower left quadrant, and the lower right quadrant as illustrated in the figure on the right. For example the two upper and two lower teeth at the center of your mouth are called central's.

One then combines the names of the quadrant and the tooth to come up with a Palmer's notation. For example, the central on the upper right side of your mouth is called an upper right central.

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