The Delta 1460 Wood Lathe was offered by Delta in two models; a 4-speed version for wood turning and a 16-speed version for wood and light metal work. By adding the counter shaft unit, the 4-speed model can be converted into an efficient, accurate 16-speed lathe for light metal turning. The complete versatility of the Delta 1460 Wood Lathe, plus its many built-in features make it a nice choice for the home workshop.
In 1956 the Delta 1460 Wood Lathe also offered all-inclusive catalog numbers that included the motors and pulleys. Massive Lathe Bed is made of fine grained cast iron heavily ribbed to provide the greatest rigidity and accuracy. Graduate Tailstock Sleeve - The graduated tail stock is operated by a large ball crank handle and locked in place with the convenient ball end lever on top of the tailstock.

Safety Headstock - Unlike the lighter 11" Homecraft version, the Delta 1460 Lathe includes a headstock that completely encloses the pulley and belt from the front and top of the lathe. If you have a copy of the owners manual for this lathe, please share it, and we'll make it available to visitors.
And with the addition of the compound slide rest, practically everything except screw cutting can be done. Eight holes and 60 holes could be engaged by the indexing pin so that you could obtain the maximum number of index divisions. It included a provision for set-over of the tailstock for center alignment and taper turning. It's heavy and substantial and locks to the bed at any position or angle with a convenient lever a the front where it does not interfere with the work.

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This lathe is rigid and accurate and appears to the the perfect lathe for general wood working applications. The slower speeds are ideal for large face plate turning of woods, the faster speeds, for sanding, polishing and finishing all types of materials.

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