This deck plan is for a medium size, low, single-level deck with an integrated bench and 2 planters.
This plan is for a large, single-level deck with integrated planter boxes and a privacy screen. This deck plan is for a medium-size, low, 2-level deck with planter boxes beside the steps down from each level. Free Standing Deck with Planters and Benches - Picture Gallery - How to Design & Build a Deck. The upper level, minus the benches and planters, is 10x12 feet, allowing plenty of room for a grill, a food prep table, and a pathway.
The gazebo plans are very deatiled with rafter, cross block, and fascia details, including all angles.
This deck plan is for a medium size, mid-height, single level deck with a bench and two planter boxes. This deck plan is for a medium size, low, single level deck with planters on either side of the steps. This deck plan is for a large, two level spa deck with a planter box and a step on two sides of the hot tub to ease access. This deck plan is for a large, low, two level deck with curved steps, a curved face, and a curved bench to match the arc of the face of the deck.
This plan also features a bench on the right side of the deck along the railing on the lower level.
Deck planters have become one of the most popular deck decorating ideas and there are simple plans in how to get the work done perfectly based on what you really want to pour into deck space.

Deck planter box can be planted with any types of plants whether flowers, herbs or even vegetables and fruits so that making a fresh and enchanting atmosphere inside of deck space. This deck plan is for a very large, two level, spa deck with a 13' wide by 9' deep pergola, privacy screen, planters, and benches. This deck plan is for a very large, 2 level deck with a large upper patio at the sliding door with steps down to a 12 ft. The joists overhang the beam, so the posts and beam do not have to be precisely positioned. That's a good feature for new homes where the backfill soil along the foundation has not yet settled: Building codes often require piers to be set as deep as 8 feet in such soil. There is a hot tub in the far corner next to the privacy screen, benches, planters, and a pergola to shade the main deck area immediately outside the patio door. The deck features a small landing at the patio door and steps down to the main deck area, and steps down to the yard.
Deck space is a very cool and attractive exterior home for relaxing even by all of family members so it would be a very wise thing to have it finely decorated in a very significant way. Deck planter along with benches side by side will be giving a bit of privacy that will also make sure in matter of fresh and enchanting feel when spending moments in such design of deck. The two main deck areas are at the same height and step down to a landing at the top of the main central steps.
Privacy from the neighbors is provided by the integrated privacy screen surrounding the hot tub.
The hefty beam needs fewer piers -- a real worksaver because digging and setting piers can be the most laborious stage of deck building.

The longer cantilever places piers farther away from the backfill, so they need not be as deep. There is also a privacy screen running the full length of the right side of the lower level. Deck planter box will be adding much better value into deck space at high value of beauty, elegance even comfortable atmosphere. Deck planters for railing as well that have been very popular in adding quite significant additional features for more beautiful and attractive decking. This beautiful deck design has integrated planter boxes beside the steps leading from the upper deck to the lower deck.
There is a privacy screen at one end of the deck, and a second set of steps at the opposite end of the deck.
2×6 rectangular deck planter box is the standard size no matter what design and style of decking in your home. Just make sure that everything is in proper measurement of design and budget in the effort to create quite enchanting deck space at high value of elegance very significantly. Angled decking adds visual appeal and requires only a bit more care than straight decking to install.
The deck features a privacy screen along one edge and planters on either side of the steps from the lower to the upper level.

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