We purchased our reclaimed barn wood from Creation Woodwork, which is mill right here in Michigan.
Even though my doctor said it would be fine for me to do the staining, Dave actually had some extra time — and after he started, we realized how intense the smell really was!
He had a really heavy-duty mask on the whole time and made me stay upstairs or out of the house!
It was a pretty long process and lots of hard work, but we are so happy with the results — and it looks much better than any hardwood floor we could have purchased from a big-box store. Our floors are filled with 100 years of character, imperfections, and flaws… they honestly look like they could have been the original floors of our 120  year old farm house. Brown Maple is the "heart wood" (wood towards the center of a tree) of various soft maple trees and not a specific species of tree.
Elm contains about 45 species native to Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean, South and Central America and North America.
Our furniture is finished with one coat of stain and two coats of Amish Wood Finishes which resists moisture from penetrating the furniture. Distressing in the decorative arts is the activity of making a piece of furniture or object appear aged and older. The mill is owned by a husband and wife team and they have all their mills, buildings, and equiptment right on their own property.
We also used water based because the smell of of the oil based Varathane was out of control — and it took way longer to dry between coats. We are looking at doing a similar project but we found the wood purchased it and we are now searching for a mill to finish it for us.

The sapwood of American beech is white with a red tinge, while the heartwood is light to dark reddish brown. Mahogany varies from yellowish, reddish, pinkish, or salmon colored when freshly cut, to a deep rich red, to reddish brown as the wood matures with age. The sapwood of black walnut is nearly white, while the heartwood is light brown to dark, chocolate brown, often with a purplish cast and darker streaks.
So when I went to pick out my wood, I got to see all the gorgeous reclaimed barn wood in their house too! Also, have you had any issues with the reclaimed floor splintering in any spots or feet hurt on any of the character holes in the wood? The hickory tree is predominately cultivated in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas throughout the United States. The sapwood of elm is nearly white, while the heartwood is light brown to brown with a reddish tinge.
Mahogany is fine to medium texture, with uniform to interlocking grain, ranging from straight to wavy or curly. So I started by using some watered down white paint followed by gray wood stain by Minwax and lastly Annie Sloan Dark Wax. We purchased character grade hardwood floors and noticed many uneven spots and also some splintering happening.
For example, if you type "Stain to be determined, please send medium stains on Oak", we will send 3 or 4 medium stains on Oak for you to choose from. The difference being that it contains more "sap wood" and mineral deposits or "pitting" as shown in the sample below.

Care is needed in gluing, but the wood finishes well with paint or transparent finishes.American Beech scores 1300 on the Janka hardness scale.
Irregularities in the grain often produce highly attractive figures such as fiddle back or mottle. My plan was to use some gray wood stain by Minwax to achieve the makeover look from my inspiration picture from a House Beautiful Magazine spread. At first it was a little too gray so I added some Annie Sloan Dark Wax and rubbed rubbed rubbed!
I feel like it creates a grand entrance to a room and it makes it easier to lay the floors because you can stop and start with each different room.
We are currently working with our stainer to achieve results similar in appearance to Cherry but without the added Cherry cost. Distressing can be applied to a variety of surfaces and materials such as wood, glass, metal, plastic and paint. It responds well to hand and machine tools, has good nailing and screwing properties, and turns and carves superbly. Mahogany is regarded by many as the world's premier wood for fine cabinetry, high-class furniture, trimming fine boats, pianos and other musical instruments, interior trim, and carving.

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