There is a long list of options available for buying new cabinets and countertops and with the money invested and time involved, it’s important to select the best products. Alliance Cabinets & Millwork is among the best kitchen cabinet installers in Coral Springs. Our product portfolio includes the most up-to-date products manufactured by some of the best in the industry. To request a no-commitment, FREE CONSULTATION, call us or just submit your request here online. Nantucket Woodworking Limited (NWL) is a Canadian owned and operated company, manufacturer of custom milling and finger jointed wood products. Senior management of the company has over 85 years of combined expertise in the woodworking industry.
Nantucket Woodworking Limited provides a responsible, efficient way of meeting customers' needs.
NWL presently located at 145 Nantucket Boulevard, Toronto (Scarborough) ON, formally the land of which was purchased by the Campitelli Family and used for farming on Kennedy Road.
We sell Seville, Merillat and our own custom woodworking; a diverse variety of styles and pricing becomes available to you.
Top off your new cabinets with counter tops of Solid Surface, Laminate, Wood or Quartz available in hundreds of colors to suit your home. Of the many types of custom architectural woodworking we do here at South Shore Millwork, some of our most extraordinary projects involve curved and radius work. Entrance doors, cabinetry, and architectural features with rounded elements can be a beautiful addition to any design or renovation project, and we have the high quality craftsmanship to bring your vision to life.
Imagine a bar or countertop so luxurious in rich mahogany, its curves as smooth and flowing as silk, easily becoming the focal point of any high-end lounge, residential Chef’s kitchen or master suite. Picture a majestic historical building with dramatically curved doors and windows, crafted from the finest old English oak, every detail perfectly matching to its original architectural design.
Or, the interior of a place of worship, luxury hotel or residence where radius raised panel millwork perfectly accentuates a domed ceiling, and passageways are framed with curved soffits enriching the look of every room.
We can plot your curved or radius piece for computer-aided manufacturing, have it re-sawn for vacuum pressing, or hand-carved at the bench for that custom-made distinction. We partner with general contractors, construction managers, architects, and interior designers to consistently produce and deliver the finest architectural woodwork. Discerning interior designers, general contractors, builders, and architects choose to partner with South Shore Millwork on luxury residential projects because they want the best of both worlds – the industry’s most talented architectural millworkers, coupled with a talented team of professionals who is fully committed to the success of all projects. Our estimators, engineers, project managers, craftsmen, and installers work with you as a cohesive team. Experience the best when you collaborate with us on your next high-end residential project.
At South Shore Millwork our attention to the details, as well as to tight schedules, assures that your commercial project will be completed as promised, with even the finest detail intact. When you enter into your newly renovated commercial space we know that you will see a finished product that meets your every specification in the time agreed upon. Fire rated doors offer homes and commercial properties protection against the spread of fire and smoke.
So you no longer need to settle for flush doors with plant-on mouldings when it comes to fire doors. In addition, we offer both neutral and positive pressure 20-minute fire rated doors and positive pressure 45-, 60-, and 90-minute fire rated doors.
If you are looking for fire rated doors with style for your next project, let the talented professionals here at South Shore Millwork help.

Stairs are a functional part of any multi-story building but they are also a wonderful opportunity for creative design.  Unique shapes and detailing on a staircase can give a room loads of personality and structural interest. And then a CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing was created with specific measurements for fabrication.
The lantern that sits on the top was custom fabricated by Northeast Lantern based on specifications provided by Jerry.  The lantern is made out of antique brass with clear “seedy” glass. Here at South Shore Millwork we are dedicated to improving the way we do business in order to benefit the environment.  Since we are woodworkers, we see wood as a precious resource. Additional benefits are that it can be easily bent or glued for a wide range of uses such as flooring, boat building, and door skins.  It’s more stable than veneer, looks healthier, and has less sand-through errors. So help conserve our natural resources!  Let South Shore Millwork expertly handle your re-sawn lumber and other millwork needs. Upscale interiors require a custom, personalized look that can only be achieved by considering every last surface of the room.  That means that architectural details like custom trim and moulding, must be of the highest quality, and must be carefully chosen to further the aesthetic of the space. So how does the Boston market compare nationally?  Redfin, the online real estate brokerage, reported on their blog recently that Boston ranked fifth in the top $1 million-plus home markets in the country based on homes sold January 2012 to March 2013.  Boston is the top market outside of red-hot California.
Furthermore, the low inventory and strong demand in the marketplace is creating bidding wars. Whether you plan on renovating or building on your recently purchased luxury property, South Shore Millwork can help.  Our Boston Massachusetts area based luxury millwork company provides all types of custom architectural woodworking such as custom cabinetry, doors, windows, and trim. Below are some examples of staircases using creative components that South Shore Millwork helped create.  Note the interesting design elements for each one. In contrast to the traditional staircase, this example shows a staircase designed in the Mission style.
If you are looking to make your staircase’s form just as important as its function, South Shore Millwork can help. In addition, did you know that if wet and dry pieces of wood are placed together in the same area, they will absorb or lose moisture until all pieces have the same final moisture content?  This is called Equilibrium Moisture Content or EMC.  The chart below shows the moisture content of wood based on relative humidity and temperature. Use a moisture meter to determine the wood moisture content and relative humidity.  Proper temperature and humidity levels need to be consistently maintained to limit wood movement. If wood has been recently transported, allow the wood to acclimate to its climatically controlled environment.  The acclimation duration will vary depending on the material. Applied finish does not stop movement but will slow the rate of moisture exchange thus reducing potential problems but the wood will eventually acclimate to EMC.
Follow manufacturers directions for maintenance.  Properly maintained woodwork will reduce problems including mold, dry rot, and condensation. Kiln dried wood should have a moisture content between 6-12% but it is important to note that once the wood is kiln dried, the moisture content will change during manufacturing, storage, or transportation.
Large assemblies such as ornamental beams, cornices, newel posts, stair stringers, and handrails should be built from relatively small pieces. Large solid pieces, such as wood stile and rail paneling, should be designed and installed so that the panels are free to move across the grain.  Narrow widths are preferable. For in depth information regarding moisture and movement of woodwork, please use the links referenced (in blue) in this blog. Family-owned manufacturer in Southern California for over 20 years with thousands of happy customers. Therefore, the kitchen is usually the first remodeling project a South Florida homeowner will take on.
We have been providing quality custom cabinets and other woodworking products throughout South Florida for more than 15 years. We are always looking for the latest trends, so we are able to provide customers with the most impressive cabinets, countertops available to date.

Every one of our staff members are carefully trained and ready to assist customers with knowledgeable remodeling recommendations. NWL has over 150 dedicated regular customers being serviced throughout Ontario each week, as well as meeting the needs of walk-ins from the general public seeking a specific product for residential and commercial projects.
Within the company, NWL employs over 15 staff members for various positions and responsibilities. Processed through the use of high volume output machinery and vigilant quality control customer needs are achieved by quick turnaround time frames. Originally constructed in the early 1960's, the building has expanded over the years to now accommodate 40,000 ft2 of office and warehouse spaces and manufacturing operations. Their ability to anticipate, pinpoint and correct areas of concern, and deliver an improved version of your vision, are just some of reasons why our team is so highly regarded. Put your trust in our ability to provide you with that feeling of total satisfaction the moment you walk into your new space.  We expect you will be awed by the perfection in the smallest accent in hardware to the largest components, on time, just the way you want it. However general contractors, architects, and interior designers experience design constraints due to limited choices available by mass-produced, production line assembled doors.
South Shore Millwork’s fire rated doors offer full panel relief, engineered to match the profiles of other non-rated panel doors.
Other manufacturers force you to make the jump to 2 ?” thick doors for higher fire ratings but not us.
Our Boston, Massachusetts area based luxury millwork company can create custom design millwork elements to fit any style.
And while wood is a renewable resource, we try to conserve it the best we can.  One of the ways is by re-sawing it.
Services include design, engineering, project management, fabrication, finish, delivery, and installation provided in the Boston area, throughout New England and beyond. Department of Agriculture recommends a humidity range from 30% to 50% in a building and a temperature range from 60° to 80° in a building.  If you stay within the recommendations, the amount of expansion and contraction is limited. Factors to consider are style, durability and the amount you have budgeted for the remodeling project. For those who appreciate a more antique or historical style, there are always plenty of primitive options available as well. Customizing orders is an ongoing day to day practice, and due to our extensive knowledge of wood products and the industry, required specifications are achieved and delivered.
But function and safety concerns don’t have to outweigh style thanks to South Shore Millwork’s custom capabilities.We can work almost any custom design feature into our fire rated doors carefully designed and engineered to match other non-rated doors. We have specially engineered and tested our fire doors to maintain a standard 1 ?” thickness up to a 90-minute fire rating.
Services include design, engineering, project management, fabrication, finish, delivery, and installation provided in the Boston area, throughout New England and beyond.
Without the help of an experienced contractor or remodeling expert to select products and fixtures, the process of renovating a kitchen can be somewhat frustrating. You can also count on us for ceilings, crown mouldings and hallways, closets, vanities, wall units and more.

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