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Phoenix CNC Creations is a custom provider of high quality carvings, using state of the art software and a computerized CNC woodworking routing system. With our 4’x8’ working platform and a little bit of imagination, we can virtually carve anything made from wood, plastics, acrylics, corean, etc.

The detail in the multiple carvings are very realistic and the 3D nature of these relief carved panels and doors are gorgeous!CUSTOM ORDER WILDLIFE WOOD CARVED COFFEE TABLE: Relief carvings of Deer, Elk, Bear, Trout, Wolf and Cougar into the 4 doors and 2 end panels. CUSTOM ORDER: You can order this table as is or if you would like to make changes in terms of the chosen relief carvings - this can be done without additional charge.
We have additional pictures that we can e-mail to you upon request to get a closer look at each panel to really appreciate the fine detail in this table.

You can also change the wood and this may or may not change the price depending on the wood chosen.

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