Last week I talked about the ledger board and the footers, the first steps in building your deck. The joists carry the deck boards, and therefore act just the like floor joists in your home.
The important rule of deck design is that there is no one size fits all approach to building a deck. Composite or synthetic decks are a top choice here in Charlotte and throughout the country.
At Archadeck of Charlotte, we know that it's the small features that make the biggest difference. One thing you might not think of when constructing your new deck is that your grill takes up a significant amount of space. Charlotte deck building done rightDeck building at Archadeck often includes other outdoor living areas or features.
You can get more inspiration about home design and interior design related with Paver Stone Deck And Curved Pergola With Metal Vent Cover by looking at related photos gallery below.

On a taller deck, an in-line beam creates a cleaner look and can make it easier to use the space under the deck for storage or additional patio space. This outdoor living area includes a screened porch with a partially open gable roof and a lovely composite deck with flared stairs leading out to the yard.
Wood is a traditional material for decks but comes with many problems which include warping, cupping, splitting, fading, staining and a number of other issues. The screened porch below includes arches over the screens as well as angled corners to give it a screened gazebo type feel. This deck not only includes build in benches, but it also includes a custom flagstone fire pit. In addition, you'll need open space around the grill for the cook to stand and for any splattering. On a really long span, 2×10 joists might be approved but they could make the deck feel springy in the middle.
If you desire some sun protection from your pergola, we can design the pergola to afford more sun protection.

An outdoor fireplace not only adds ambiance and beauty to your yard, but it delights the senses at night with the sound and sights of a crackling fire. An advantage to running the beam under the joists is that if you’re following the Typical Deck Details packet, you can cantilever your joists (let them hang over) up to two feet past the edge of the beam. Composite decks are low maintenance and have superior performance to pressure-treated wood. While a 16″ on center spacing might work for pressure-treated decking laid perpendicular to the joists, what if you want to set the boards at a 45 degree angle?

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