Contemporary furniture designs provide dual feature incentive of new and neat aesthetic variance as well as compact sizing. The folding study table designs in wood, plastic, wrought iron and mosaic with open drawer shelves as well as white board or slated surfaces can be ornamentally classy as a study table and at the same time you can fold these and keep away when not in use. In par with the technological advancing times, books have been replaced with Ipads, laptops, netbooks and hence modern study table ideas must inevitably incorporate the computer space as well. In case of space crunch or multi utility furniture based decor, an open wardrobe can make great space to hold a compact study table.
In the present day furniture trends, there are some great illustrations in modern furniture for study to add to your interior decor.

The wall mounted study units and cabinets can make place as a comfortable study table design while mounting on a wall as an elegant piece of decor. You can attach them on a wall, out of a cupboard, on the bed head board and flip out your very personal study section as and when needed. Corner study table designs are a great installation concept to put the corner in utility by turning it into a cozy and peaceful study spot for you and the kids of the house.
Foldable study tables are the most handy illustrations in the modern study table design segment. Computer cum study table takes the same space as a normal study table but with brackets and fittings for placing computer screen, CPU and other stationaries as well.

Whether you need it in your bedroom, living room or in a side room, you can mould the larger base shelf in your open wardrobe or the television unit into a study space.
These modern study tables ideas and designs are smart installations putting the space utility to maximum use.
With minor alterations, lighten up this study shelf with a stylish study lamp and chaster chair for comfortable siting.

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