Designer Fredrik Perman decided to jazz up the lobby of his new office with a little custom built computer casage. The acrylic case doesn't have a top and sides to add some ventilation, and a battery of six, upward-blowing LED-lit fans keep everything cool. Hehe, I think this is a considerable upgrade from neon beer logo signs and other [insert bachelor pad-esque item here]. It's cool looking, and the guy who (appears to have) built it isn't that hard on the eyes either (C-n-P not withstanding). I am overwhelmed by the juxtaposition of nature (cacti) and extreme technology existing in perfect harmony with only feet of shitty coffee table between them. It's an office lobby and there are several terminals hooked to it from the office on the other side of the wall.
Sometimes I have to take control so I know you clowns can understand when I insult you on occasion. For all you posters pining for Amy, a little heads up: (whispers) any response from her may not REally be from her. Save yourself the embaresment of defiling yourself to writings of a stranger until you know it is really her. This was actually designed and built by two professional designers, not nerds or geeks though they do know their way around computers.
When you have played your acoustic guitar enough and don’t wish to strum it anymore in the same avatar, what do you do? Le Journal du Geek reader Josss has converted an Ibiza acoustic guitar into a Guitar PC case mod. This Rocking Case Guitar PC mod is made using translucent green acrylic and lots of LED lighting by SXRguyinMA for his wife on Chirstmas. Having seen some of the finest Guitar PC case mods, I can say the COMTAR Mini-ITX Acoustic Guitar by Bit Tech forum member dragontail is certainly the finest of them all. Bharat writes about latest gadgets, toys, robots and new technologies across various platforms. People cannot really be blamed if they want to have the most unique and creative desk for gaming computer.
Most of these are in sleek metallic designs that suit well with the concept of various online games. In cafes and dormitories, the desk for gaming computer has just limited working station per player.
While most people stick to modding a typical computer case, this modder stepped it up a notch and built an entire desk to house his computer.A  As you can see from the hardware specifics and the pictures below this is one absolute beast of a machine. Yes, those are a stack of hard drives mounted entirely separately from the main case enclosed by a glowing custom enclosure.A  Awesome! I’d like to know how to wire a hard drive tower as far as the circuitry and wiring connecting it to computer.

After a long design and development period, a full retail version of forum-member Peter Brands' (l3p) desk PC has finally been made available for pre-order in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. The design consists of a powder-coated metal desk into which is mounted space to fit two PCs, with two motherboard mounts (via a forthcoming Dual PC upgrade kit) along with loads of drive bays and space for other components, plus a plethora of ventilation grilles cut into the sides. We've seen a few instances of community-designed products making the leap from custom-made to mass-manufactured.
Take a look at the full specs below as well as the gallery and don't forget to let us know your thoughts in the forum.
All in all it looks like the entire project from start to finish took Kaxtos a little over a week, or almost as long as it takes to put together a piece of Ikea furniture.
I’ve always wanted a desk-built custom PC, but then I think about how much I love to change around my furniture and the craving stops. That monitor allows access to the render farm from the lobby (though there are several other terminals on the other side of the wall, all linked to the unit by a KVM switch). It looks like some sort of 1985 rendition of what a living room of the future was supposed to look like.
The standing terminal is more erginomically correct, eliminating back problems for the user - overall, I love this.
This is one of those nerds that loves to jack off under the warm glow of headache-inducing 800 LEDs.
I had nothing at all to do with the creation of it, but I saw the whole process from start to finish. Stalk up the guitar for spiders to make webs in it or stuff it in with the innards of a computer and build your own guitar PC case mod? What the modder has done differently here is that he has left the guitar’s strings attached, so technically – you can still play the guitar.
Besides the ordinary computing features, the mod features a stealth CD-ROM drive, Creative I-Trigue 3300 speakers and sound-activated blue cold-cathode accent lighting. The computer case besides the glowing red light, feature Atom CPU on mini ITX motherboard, 2GB of on board memory, 250GB 2.5-inch hard drive and a DVD RW (SATA). In addition to reporting and reviewing new products and technologies, he spends too much time digging the internet for endless questions. With the overflowing enthusiasm on computer games, people now want to have the best desk for gaming computer in the market. Also, there are oval shape desk for gaming computer which has a design that of a spaceship concept. Along this line, however, what is important is the player is comfortable with the desk for gaming computer. Also, the computer gaming desk should be sturdy enough to be able to stand the demands of its usage.
After winning the award Brands and six other compatriots set about creating a commercially viable desk PC case design, a process which was also logged on the forums.

Well in the US the desk is on offer for $1,699, with those of us in Europe seeing a $390 flat rate shipping charge added on top bringing the total to $2,089 or around £1,350.
And given the interest surrounding Brands' original desk design, it's no surprise that his L3p desk was snapped up with the promise of a retail version soon after. Kaxtos took the basic Galant right-side desk ($160 at your local Ikea meatball restaurant) and built upon that shaky foundation this masterpiece of a custom PC. It is one of those ideas that is cool because you could do it and super lame because you did. To the right of the cacti in the first picture was the door to the office - this was our reception area. And the IT tech sure preferred chillin' in the same realm as the front desk girls - rather than being locked up in the server room. We’ve come across many kinds of computer cases in our time, some fascinating, some unique but these guitar PC case mods we’ve listed here for your liking are simply wow!
Featuring an Intel Quad Core Q6700 processor, 4GB DDR2 RAM along with an Asus P5Q Deluxe motherboard and a MSI 8800 GTX graphics card the Guitar computer case may not be the best on hardware but is definitely a great idea.
The guitar is not a mere stagnant PC case, it has strings attached and can be used strum music. There are also spaces intended for the keyboard, joysticks and other computer gaming accessories.
The result is a company called Red Harbinger, and its first product called simply the Cross.
Given some top-end PC cases retail for over £400 and a well made desk will be just as much, the price isn't unreasonable for what you're getting. It’s got shaped wood panels, curved Plexiglas with skillfully sanded decorations, a touchscreen CPU monitor, and tons of blue LED lighting, the hallmark of a proper PC case mod.
Other then software updates and checking up on the progress of a rendering, nobody would be standing in front of the monitor unless we were showing a client our process. The LCD monitors are arranged on the desk in such a way that the player can see all of it in one angle. As to any other comments on the hardware - this was done on a low budget with the existing computer parts.
Functionally this design made it so that we never needed to go into the other room on the other side of the wall (other then restarting the file server) and this saved time since this would require us to leave one office and go into another where we could not communicate with the other designers. Here you could see a job was missing mapping coordinates, delete the job and tell that designer to resubmit his job all from one location since the design studio is directly behind you when standing at the keyboard.

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