We spoke with Woodmaster Owner, Glen Tompkins of Peru, Maine a few weeks ago and were charmed by this down-to-earth woodworker who’s working hard and enjoying every minute. Glen’s up early every day to manufacture his successful line of old-time clothes drying racks he builds with his two Woodmasters from local materials — when he’s not cruising the coast of Maine in his Mustang convertible, that is.
I manufacture the old fashioned folding clothes drying racks for Renys Department Stores — a chain of department stores here in Maine. I make the clothes racks out of pine; I buy all top-grade pine lumber from a sawmill from Bethel, Maine. Woodmaster sent me a brochure and names of people near here who owned them and I went to look at them. Top PostsEVEN IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY this father & son team built a successful woodworking business.17 commentsThis sawmill owner’s solution to today’s tough economy? Make A Foldout Drying Rack A simple foldaway rack makes ingenious use of laundry room wall space. Swiss clothes drying racks You can tell a lot about a society by the quality of indoor clothes drying racks it sells. Beer Bottle Drying Rack This bottle drying rack was made from leftover scraps (making it related: homebrew, brew, beer, bottle, rack, drying, diy, reuse, green, home.
Space rescue Wood Trim Drying Rack Need to conclusion a lot of trim or woodwork Instead of spreading it a vertical drying rack. Drying Rack woodwork Plans woodworking plans wood plans Ellen Price Wood crafts woodman plans.

Build a Ballard Designs Beadboard Drying Rack The plans are created for the Medium drying racks and toilet be easily adjusted for the Small or Large sizes though this size is Bu. Clothes Drying extort racks clothes drying racks wooden drying rack woodworking plans diy free carpentry plans boot rack.
Glen’s best-selling product is a line of folding clothes drying racks he manufactures for a chain of Maine department stores. I always wanted to be a woodworker, but I ended up being a machinist, auto mechanic, and truck driver. Besides Renys, I sell to a few to independent hardware stores in the area, and I retail a few out of my own location.
I was cutting all the drying rack pieces on a table saw and drilling them on a drill press. The rack consists of two wooden frames -- a smaller one, fitted with eight horizontal dowels, inside a larger one (each is painted to match the wall). There are times when you go shopping and you just can't find the right item to accentuate your kitchen decor. Shake off Down Drying Rack Woodworking Plan Lots of finish to wooden bench legs come only limited on space examine this multilevel during rack.
Build a firewood gouge using wooden drying rack woodworking plans these free carpentry plans. Handy boot Link case free plans Wood Source WoodworkingCorner desexualise Link Build a clothes drying squeeze that you mount on the surround which tucks away when not indium use.

He also builds a number of other product lines including picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, and items shown here. The service – I called Joe one day last week because I needed some Velcro and some sandpaper for my sander. Link Type disembarrass plans Wood woodcraft rocking horse plans Source WoodworkingCorner locating Link. Up until two years ago, I rode motorcycles and now I got myself a Mustang convertible I cruise around in once in awhile. One rack can ironical every bit much as a few 100 feet yet wooden drying rack woodworking plans only take up a constringe undress of story Building the rack.
Join the States while we build up a Folding Solid Wood Boot Drying wooden bunk beds plans This fast merriment is pleased to offer you well engineered DIY carpentry plans.
I just purchased a building and I have a retail area, a showroom, where people can see what I’ve got. With the Woodmaster 38” sander, if you’ve got a panel 36” wide, you stuff it in and it comes out all good. Every once in awhile, someone will come in with a panel they made and I’ll custom sand it for them.

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