With the combination of the double-wall side panels and the full depth slides and slide carrier channels, this integral construction evenly distributes and transfers drawer loads to the chest bottom panel. Thick, wool felt drawer liners help keep precision tools clean and protect against corrosion.
Rated: PG-13 for some intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence, and brief suggestive content. Downey's innumerable run-ins with drugs, booze, cops and prison that derailed his career have been chronicled to death. Considering his body of work, you'd assume that if he if was ever going to appear in a superhero flick, it would only be as the crazed scientist, wisecracking sidekick, or pestering reporter. His mistakes and setbacks are human and believable, and during his first forays into flight, you feel as if you're riding right along with him, a rush of fear, excitement, and freedom.
Directed by Jon Favreau, who gave himself a bit part, "Iron Man" is fast, funny, and never takes itself too seriously, even though it's about serious things (Afghan killers, deadly bombs, the defense industry).

It features a double-wall construction which covers the drawers and adds extra security for your tools.
They're also stronger than one-piece slides which can often have weak shoulder areas which can increase the possibility of splitting under heavy drawer loads. Similarly the chest lid hinges are equipped with rust-resistant, stainless-steel pins which are staked to prevent punch-out and accidental lid removal. The Marvel comics hero is brought beautifully to life by director Jon Favreau, who keeps the film focused on characters and story. The Marvel comics' flying, beam-shooting man starts life as Tony Stark, filthy rich defense contractor, playboy, and gifted inventor. The other nice thing about "Iron Man" is that it's missing that telegraphed pacing that tells us: big fight coming. It seems like a thankless role, but Paltrow makes the most of it, including providing a sorrowfully memorable waiting-to-be-kissed moment.

Hopefully he's sober and happy off-screen so he can keep pulling off great performances on-screen. The film brings Stark into the present day by dropping him into Afghanistan where he is nearly blown up, abducted by terrorists, and fitted with a strange new device in the middle of his chest. He whips up an armored suit that looks like robot-from-outer-space-guy, and later makes a better one.

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