Woodworkers have more difficulty shaping and crafting end grain than face grain resulting in higher prices of products. Because of the way most pieces of lumber are produced, the longer edges of each piece reveal the face grain of the wood. While end grain is used in many types of applications, it's particularly common with wooden cutting boards.
Because of the difficulty in manufacturing end grain wood products, this pattern tends to come with a fairly high price tag. My dad was a cabinet maker but he made a little money on the side by making and selling his own custom cutting boards.
It was all about the graphic use of counterchange at the Spring-Summer 2013 show for Louis Vuitton. The level of detail employed was stunning, from the precisely matched seams, pockets and pockets flaps down to the split tone buttons that matched the check.
Bringing the counterchange concept to the floral motifs allowed a break against the inorganic check shape, and allowed for a play with even smaller check details used in seam crossing appliqué. While the initial impression was all about the check, there were also some more subtle structural details at work that pushed towards a new silhouette. Laid flat, Chop2Potâ„¢ Plus provides a durable, knife-friendly cutting surface for food preparation. It is the opposite of face grain, which occurs when woodworkers slice a section of wood off the end of a log.

It offers a look unlike any other type of wood grain pattern, and can vary dramatically by species and color. Because this pattern exposes the ends of the growth rings, the wood tends to soak up stain very rapidly. It makes me wonder if there are other ways you could create a grain? Would it be possible to use a rotor and make a three dimensional cut from the center of the tree? He mostly used the scrap lumber he already had around his shop and then constructed it in artful ways. They really were beautiful cutting boards. The execution of the matched checks across sheer fabrics and pleat was especially interesting, with the pattern designs clearly engineered to match the fabrics. The shoulder seams scooped slightly forward off the shoulder line, as the antithesis of dropped shoulders, and the area of the patterns across the bust was pulled tight to help create the slight A-line flare of skirts and dresses. But when the handle is squeezed, the sides of the board fold up, forming a chute down which chopped food or waste can be neatly guided.
If that same log is cut lengthwise along the middle, the end grain of the wood will be revealed. By cutting against the grain and sawing off a section of this short end, woodworkers reveal fresh patterns. Not only does this result in an attractive and unique cutting board surface, it also maximizes the strength and durability of the wood. It also produces the strongest cut of wood, especially compared to more delicate face grain cuts.

This can cause the edges of the wood to be darker than the face, and often results in an uneven finish, To prevent this phenomenon, craftsmen often choose gel stains or shellac, which are less likely to soak into the growth rings than traditional stains. This method might produce a combination of the two grains and reveal an interesting interplay between the patterns. He had an eye for the way that wood grains and colors worked together from a life spent making cabinets. Use for the Ha-motzi blessing during your mitzvah and as a keepsake of the special day thereafter.
To understand the difference between these two patterns, picture the growth rings as the veins of a tree. Others treat the ends of the wood with special products designed to dilute the stain and prevent excess darkening. He had a little bit of a following in our city and a few small cooking stores sold his cutting boards regularly. Face grain shows the outside of these veins, while the end one cuts provide a view directly into the center of these veins.
I always told him that he should go online but he is stubborn and insisted on being old fashion.

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