This was a great project that was easy to cut up beforehand and put together the next afternoon.
The colour of the swatches may differ slightly from the actual paint finish due to the limitations of displaying images on websites.
Our ready made timber products  are available in a range of 8 colour paints and 3 additional coloured stains. In the old days, gardeners were told to prepare an asparagus bed by digging an 18" deep trench and then backfilling it with a mix of compost and soil. Before planting a new asparagus bed, it's critical to eradicate all the weeds and grasses from the planting area — even if this requires a full year of advance preparation. If grasses or other perennial weeds get established in an asparagus bed it is almost impossible to reclaim the planting.
The Snip-n-Drip watering system can be customized to fit any asparagus bed — including raised beds. Originally asparagus grew in swamps and wet places, so maintaining consistent soil moisture is important for good production.
All painted product is treated with a special exterior undercoat followed by a coat of the chosen paint colour,  and then carefully dried in temperature controlled drying rooms, the best possible conditions to ensure the most attractive and durable finish.

Thanks to plant breeders at Rutgers University in New Jersey and elsewhere, today's improved varieties of asparagus are less work to plant (6" to 12" deep is adequate) and produce almost twice as many spears per plant. Spears should be harvested when they are 5" to 7" high and before the tips begin to loosen. The gardens around my home in Richmond, VT, include a large vegetable garden, seasonal greenhouse, cutting garden, perennial gardens, rock garden, shade garden, berry plantings, lots of container plants and a meadow garden. But once that happens, the bed will produce an abundant crop of spears spring after spring for at least the next 20 to 30 years. The production increases are due to the fact that these hybrids are all-male cultivars, so no energy is wasted producing seeds.
Even though asparagus can sometimes be spotted growing in a ditch among thick grass, the domesticated varieties won't survive. For the first couple years, weed often and carefully — asparagus roots are near the surface and can be damaged by weeding tools.
Pick for about two weeks and then stop so the fronds can unfold and begin feeding the root system. The crowns should be planted at 18" intervals in the bed, so put a shovel of compost and a cup of all-purpose, organic fertilizer in the trench every 18".

As shoots begin to appear, add more soil until the trench has been filled back up, level with the soil surface.
Pick too much, and your plants will not be able to develop the strong root system and energy reserves they'll need to produce an abundant crop of spears the following season. Most of the new varieties are also resistant to two common asparagus diseases: fusarium rot and asparagus rust. Phosphorus, which promotes strong root growth, doesn't move through the soil as easily as other nutrients. Once the bed is well-established, harvesting can continue until the bed yields only skinny spears that are less than a half inch in diameter.
At this time, it's generally best to cut the fronds about an inch above ground level and remove them from the area. Hitch Seeders ~ Precision Garden Planters How to Build a Monster Garden Trellis to Grow Kakai Pumpkins Vertically How To Build A Raised Garden Bed Earthway 1001-B Garden planter Garden Planter Plans Hog Panels Make the Best Trellis for Growing Vertical in a Raised Bed Garden My Redwood Entry Trellis Arbor.

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