Cattle creep feeder - In poor shape - Rusted around bottom that has been fiberglassed in the past. Cattle Feeders, Portable Cattle Feeders, Portable Round Bale Feeders, Feed Troughs, and Creep Gates.
Since 1945, the Tarter family has manufactured high quality products that are trusted by ranchers and farmers across the world. Questions, inspection, and removalItems are located at 2900 College Ave in Manhattan, Kansas.

Entryway features an adjustable height bar that can be moved up and down or completely removed so you can choose what size kids can enter the cage. This product features our superior E-Coat protection – the only E-Coated creep on the market. Pictured from left: creep feeder adjustment mechanism, sliding lid, creep feeder in the down position. The new front and rear wire mesh design prevents small animals from stepping or climbing into the feeder.

Each 3C Creep Feeder has easy fold-up gates that lock in position, a removable tongue and a sliding lid.
A feed control band is standard on all units and the sliding lid provides a dual handle for easy loading of food.

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