It is extremely high-quality walking stick, cut so that it is perfectly balanced to walk a really conveniently. Now days Gutsuls in Ukraine are unsurpassed masters of art wood carving, rod whickering, embroiling, carpet works.
I do not guarantee product availability if payment is not receive within 7 days after end of sale. 30 days guarantee: I guarantee you complete satisfaction with all my high quality products.
All of our canes are made from beech wood, one of the strongest and most beautiful woods native to Ukraine. Enter your message here, then click a€?Senda€? button to send to the contact person of this company. Sculpted Folk Art Walking Cane with Spiral Twisted Carved Wood Spirits Faces Ivory & Scrimshaw - by Mark A. Sculpted hand carved Walking Cane, four happy wood spirits sticking out of the wood, carved from Kansas Black Walnut Wood. Slide Show: I have also added a new Slide Show where many examples of my walking canes are shown to give you a feel for the different styles I have done. Carvings: Smiling Wood Spirit, Wood Spirit Sticking out his tongue, Wood Spirit Smiling, and Surprised Wood Spirit sporting only one lower jaw tooth, all shown spiraling down the shaft of the cane.
He mentioned to my mom after he returned from the Cody, WY show that he had wanted to buy one of my walking canes, but the last day of the show I had sold the one he wanted.
I have carved a lot of Face Canes, with the beard, hair, or feathers spirialing down the cane shaft.
For this special cane for my dad, I decided to try something I have never done before, and that is to carve more than one Face in the cane.
The monogram initials on the handle are Scrimshawn letters on a piece of legally purchased African Elephant Tusk ivory that I bought through the David Warther Museum in Dover, OH. Carving something for Dad to use and show others, is pretty intimidating, as he has forgotten more about carving than I have learned in my 42 years of life.
I started making canes on the request of a nice married couple I met on a church-building short-term mission trip to Mexico City in the early 1990’s.
Since the time I did that first Cane for Bryan, I have enjoyed the work on the canes that I have been able to make, but more importantly, the people that I have been able to meet and help along the journey. To keep a handle on all of the memories, I engrave a small serial number on each brass cane tip, and then I keep a detailed database log of each cane, customer, and situation.

Hi Mark,I have been looking at your walking canes lately and must say that I am quite impressed. You truly are a master and an artist after your own and I can only say thanks for what you have shared.
1) Legacy Ornamental Mill2) Dremel (two of them)3) Pfingst Flexible Shaft ginder system (looks like a Foredom4) Palm Hand carving set5) Three whittling knives with different shaped blades. Hey Debbie: I use a whole series of bits, and I hardly ever go by a store that has bits, without buying more. The next time I make a cane like this, I will take some snapshots as I work through the process, and I will photograph the dremel bits and burrs that I use throughout the process. I have found that all of the canes seem to find homes, although I can’t predict when the income will arrive, so I can only afford to do them a few at time without a paid commission.
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the pressure of being professional in this work, I need the push to stay productive and on task.
Unfortunately, when you are young, retirement may seem a long way in the future, but believe me – it will arrive only too quickly.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Vancouver Island Rainforest Nature Hiking Tours.Personal nature hiking and walking tours of Vancouver Island, BC's ancient rainforest of big trees, wildlife and birds.
British Columbia Camping, Canada Direct contacts, descriptions, photos and maps for campsites, RV parks and camping in British Columbia, Canada. Java Music Club Provides programs to help residents of long term care and seniors homes with issues of loneliness, isolation and depression as well as residents suffering from Dementia and Alzheimers. This is the population, living on the slopes of the Carpathian mountains ( Ivano-Frankovsk , Zakarpatskaya regions). The high cultural achieve ments of Gutsuls are explained by the fact of numerous local masters-artists leaving for the west. However you can see them at the annual Slavonic fairs, exhibitions fairs of the folk crafts masters.
But be informed that these canes are made manually by one person and the party cannot be very big.
If you receive an item you did not order or if an item you ordered is received damaged or defective, I will refund you the price you paid for it or replace it with identical one.
Some folks call them Folk-Art Canes, while others call them Artisan Canes, some call them Carved Canes, while others call them Walking Sticks.

Several years after our trip, their son-in-law was diagnosed with bone cancer, and so they wanted to get him a specially made cane that he would enjoy using.
I do make a bunch of unique items and furniture, but without a doubt, I receive more correspondence and thank-you cards from cane customers than any of the other items I make, combined.
The list always brings me warm memories each time I scan it and remember the folks that have supported my work over the years, and vice versa. Almost as if the face is stepping out of the wood and as I’m sitting here looking at that smile I can almost imagine the laughter that is yet to come. I always enjoy it when workers of wood can drop the book techinque and share fom the inside of where they are as humanity. There is quite a bit of argument about whether something should be called Sculpture or Carving. They had heard from others that I had quit my corporate office job and started doing woodworking full-time. I have recently being doing some test pieces with colored pencil on maple and am finding this a little hard, as it goes against my ingrained teaching of what is acceptable and not, according to those who tell us workers of wood, how we should work. I get more enjoyment out of hearing back from a happy customer, than from the little money I make.
I have surfed the web and have not found other "walking stick websites" that offer this feature. This event took place after smashing the large cultural center in 18 century the capital of Ukraine Kiev by mongoltatars. The item should come to my address that specified on a parcel within 30 days after you received it.
They could be considered Functional-Art, which is the type of work that I am usually drawn to.
The few hereditary masters had kept skill secrets of ancestors, handing down them from one generation to another. No matter what these canes are called, they seem to bring joy to the owners, and I have been asked to make quite a few of them in the past 5-6 years.

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