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For renovation, remodeling, roofing, carpentry and additions to your home CJD Custom Carpentry & Remodeling has it covered. Call us today on 862 228 5530 for further information and see how you could benefit from our competitive prices! Screws being used today that have threaded shanks will not pull two components tightly together if this procedure isn't followed. Anyway though, I might be inclined to take Joe's advice in regard to using pt for the base, then redwood or whatever you decide to use for the seat and back. I don't think that you have collected sufficient ideas from the above posts, Therefore chose any one of them or for a completely different look mix and match these ideas to get something completely different and unique. We welcome you to browse.  Your questions and suggestions are welcome, too!  Call or click to Contact Us anytime.
The outdoor bench will be a present for my wife's birthday, so it has to look nice and be durable.

I think I'm going to use redwood, as it seems to provide a decent compromise durability and aspect. I am on dial up, so the picture was coming up real slow, but you might even be able to incorporate the same pt for a cleat along the back of the seat back, or something like that, just to visually bring the two together. Nevertheless, I'll keep pressure treated lumber as my second option, just in case the redwood exceeds my budget.
I have done similar things with outdoor planter boxes, etc., and the contrast can be attractive and add a bit of interest, plus you have the benefit of pt in the splash zones.
It would be better if the base were as wide, front to back, as the seat is deep, and cross braces would keep it from swaying, especially with redwood.

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