Cardboard is often used just for packaging products before they reach the end consumers and once the product is delivered, the cardboard is simply thrown in the trash bin.
The brainchild of eco artist Asif Farooq, the firearm replicas has been exhibited in a 400sqf retail space that is designed to simulate an authentic gun store.
Recycled cardboard specialists A4A Design recently unveiled a striking new collection of cardboard furniture, intended for use in public spaces, the furniture units would look just as good in a modern green home.
Created by an Israeli entrepreneur, Izhar Gafni, the waterproof cardboard bicycle has been making waves around the internet for quite a few months now.
Designed by French Studio Coudamy Design, Cellulose is an office created inside a 160sqm industrial space using cardboard.
Designed by the same person behind the innovative cardboard bicycle, the cardboard wheelchair too is made using recycled cardboard, plastic bottles and recycled car tires.
Made as an advertising gimmick for a Mini Cooper dealer in Zurich, Switzerland, the cardboard boombox is the brainchild of designer Bartek Elsner. If you were impressed with the cardboard office that took just five weeks to cover an area of 160sqm with basic desks, you won’t believe the cardboard restaurant that is built in Taiwan. January 26, 2013 By admin Chairigami is an innovative designer and manufacturer of cardboard furniture.
Uniqueness of Imagination in Cardboard Furniture : Coffee Table Cardboard Furniture Uploaded by LIA WELIAWATI in High Point at Wednesday, October 30, 2013.
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It is possible, but bare in mind, this detachable furniture are all made from cardboard, so the reliability might not be on par with traditional furniture.A company called Chairigami, which was founded by Zach Rotholz, found a way to build furniture entirely out of triple-wall cardboard. However, there are some who know the true value of this neglected packaging material and use it to make products and more that not many would really imagine. The pop-up installation featured more than 300 firearms handcrafted from recycled cardboard.

The furniture collection, dubbed Havearest, features armchair and two-seat sofas made using recycled and recyclable cardboard given shape using water-based glue. The bicycle, which has been designed as an affordable transportation solution for the developing countries, is made using sheets of corrugated cardboard and costs just $9 a pop. The office, with enough space and desks for 20 employees, was created in just five weeks using 4cm thick water resistant honeycomb cardboard.
The maintenance-free wheelchairs can be produced for just $10 each and can disabled people living in the developing and underdeveloped parts of a world a new hope. The gigantic boombox is created using cardboard and all the electronics hidden from view inside the cardboard casing get powered by a car battery that is parked behind the boombox. The restaurant, called the Carton King Restaurant, features furnishings, decorations and even plates and bowls made using recycled corrugated cardboard. The Excellent Indoor Furniture images on this page are the Excellent image that we chosen for you with a dimension of 900 x 575 pixels.
In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon presented proof. Users would have the choice to detach and reattach at any given time for easy transport, or to create space in a small room if a particular cardboard made furniture is not in use.
Here are some of the most creative reuses of recyclable cardboard, giving it a whole new life and a new meaning. Hungry visitor sit on cardboard chairs and the food is served on cardboard tables in cardboard plates and bowls.
So if your home needs a complete makeover and you care about the environment check out their Lounge Chair, Desk Chair, Shelf, Love Seat, Coffee Table, Desk and others. Coffee Table Cardboard Furniture above are the same as what I saw when I visited my mother?s dwelling in Memphis, USA. Cardboard becomes more popular because it allows to make solid and 100% recyclable furniture.

The innovative restaurant is the idea of Huang Fang-liang and has been serving visitors from 2007. Reinhard Dienes has created a cool cardboard bookshelf and a sideboard, which deserve to be beautiful additions of any modern room design. A simple couch only cost $100, while the cost for shelving begins at $65.Business is booming for Chairigami as the company is regularly working on large orders, including one for 2,000 chairs for a summer camp.
Download by right clicking your mouse right on the Excellent image, then give this good quality image to your home consultant to be implemented soon. This absolutely ecological furniture could not only decorate your space, but also thanks to the practical design could help you to solve the storage problem. If this success continues, then before we know it cardboard made furniture could become the next big thing, but as usual, only time will tell how this story ends.While cardboard furniture are affordable, again we have to stress on the long lasting reliability compared to wood.
As the bookshelf as the sideboard they both have a lot of space to accommodate books, magazines and other stuff.
If you’re looking into having your furniture for the next 10 years, then we wouldn’t recommend investing in cardboard. However, if you’re only planning on living in a particular area for a short amount of time, then cardboard furniture might just fit your lifestyle. The further information about this modern cardboard furniture you could find on Fashion4Home site and you can also order and buy it there.

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