I mentioned in my daunting list last weekend that I wanted to tackle the office closet makeover if I could. One holds my random little notebooks, one holds a lot of the Fireman’s military and fire things, one holds all paper products, etc. With all those books and notebooks moved out of the bottom shelf, I found there was more room to stand the books up. A big problem I had was absolutely no storage for extra pens and pencils, markers, glue, stamps, etc.
I’ve also got a cute little snowman up there thats kind of living in a box because I have no other ideas on how to store him without breaking.
I have to say I loved the post, but the best bit was the photo of the other side of the room!
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I found some super cheap (I’m talking $3 for them both) bookends and stood those suckers up. When I see all the stuff we have crammed into the closets here, in an apartment thats bigger than our old one, I wonder how we fit everything in the old place.
It was kinda scary to think about all the things I had to do in the beginning, but now that it’s done it’s totally worth it! Your challenge made me get off my butt and get it done, and it really is amazing what a difference a little bit of organization can do!
I modge podged those babies up (once with paint chips, another with scrap paper), an with another VOILA!, we have more free storage.
That closet is dedicated solely to his military clothes…I feel like I’m drowning in them!! When we were going through yet another closet, I found a cute pot to toss the stamps and stamp pads into, and this mercury glass cup (49 cents at Michaels!).

These boxes hold Christmas decorations, seasonal clothing, and extra linens (mostly sheets).
I know it’s going to make me crazy having him barely covered all year, collecting dust.
While contemplating my bellybutton my dilemma, I remembered seeing a tutorial on A Bowl Full of Lemons about turning mailing boxes into magazine storage boxes. I grabbed some at the post office and cut them, then covered them with some heavy duty brown paper.

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