For a purchasing agent, finding a reliable source of industrial oak lumber at a fair price can be difficult. Sawmills come and go. The reason is that most lumber wholesalers don’t have any real understanding of the oak sawmill business, and aren’t able to prevent their customers from going through these pitfalls.
Boone Valley Forest Products is a different kind of hardwood lumber supplier.  We understand the hardwood sawmill business very well because we own one, Boone Valley Sawmill.
To learn more about red oak lumber or to buy the red oak lumber you need for any project, please visit either of our St.
Lumber liquidators was very helpful in getting me the product I needed and even gave me a second opionion on the finish i needed to match, which was very helpful!
Many pieces of wood were warped, especially the long pieces so I had to use several flooring nails to cinch it up in order not to leave gaps.
We needed some hardwood to reapir 4 different locations in a floor we were refinishing so the wood had to be a very close match and it was. I now have hardwoods in my living room, family room and dining room.Very easy to install-nothing bad to say about the product. I chose to use it in the kitchen as well because the customer wanted to keep a rustic look throughout the house.
The average lumber broker just tries to buy and sell loads of lumber, and their customers are along for the excuse filled ride.
Years of production experience have allowed us to develop very strong relationships (many exclusive) with other reliable, quality mill owners around the country.

We sell this lumber by the board foot and carry the following sizes and types in stock with 500 to 1000 feet of each of the following types.
This lumber is cut specifically to achieve a straight grain and it is the most dimensionally stable lumber. This red oak lumber provides a finished look that can easily be used in a variety of applications. The wood was easy to stain and finish and the result is a beautiful, shiny floor that is smooth and easy to clean. But we still had enough to complete the floor without having to open an extra bundle we purchased to allow for 6% waste and defects.
Charles Hardwoods, we sell a variety of types of red oak lumber including S3S, S4S, and Quarter Sawn Red Oak lumber in a variety of popular sizes. Red oak quarter sawn lumber is commonly preferred by cabinetmakers and woodworkers as it offers a distinctive straight grain, pronounced ray flecking, and increased stability. We carry a wide selection of S4S red oak lumber in stock including each of the following in quantities of up to 1000 to 1500 lineal feet.
As a leading hardwood lumber company, we stock all of the hardwood lumber that you need for any type or size project. I glued and nailed the boards to a marine plywood substrate, then added a half-round moulding to the front edges for a bullnose. With that in mind, we avoided cutting pieces unless absolutely necessary and made sure to stager the long and short lengths.

After sanding the entire thing and adding a butcher block finish, they are both unique and beautiful. The variation in color of the floor due to the mineral steaks in the wood make the floor VERY attractive. Louis stores in order to meet the needs of any contractor, woodworker, carpenter, or do-it-yourselfer.
Because it has a high crush strength and a medium bending strength and stiffness, it is considered a very good steam bending wood. To see our entire selection of red oak lumber and to buy the lumber you need, please contact our hardwood lumber company or visit one of our lumber stores today.
Its reddish-brown color tones give rooms of any style - from rustic to contemporary - a warm and cozy feeling. If you let it go it requires a lot of sanding to strip the finish, and some stains don't come out no matter how much you sand. This lumber glues satisfactory and holds nails and screws satisfactory, with pre-drilling recommended.

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