Custom Built Ins- When creating Custom Interiors, Fabrizio Construction strives for a seamless integration of custom cabinets and millwork into the internal architecture of your home. The Fabrizio Construction team performed a major renovation on my home that was completed not only with professionalism, but with excellence. Fabrizio Construction transformed our kitchen from a room that we strongly disliked to a room that we love.
Again, we thank Steve and his crew for all their hard work.  We appreciate how easy they were to work with and how they answered every question and request with a smile. These days, words such as “state of the art”, “craftsman” and “professional” are over-used and have lost their meaning and value.
The team at Fabrizio Construction is the best; they are craftsmen who are committed to quality work. Custom millwork or trim work can really change the look of a room without a major overhaul. Our custom kitchens, bathrooms, pantries, office and more offer beautiful cabinetry solutions made to the finest furniture quality.
Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Bookcases, audio-visual units, fireplaces, breakfronts, corner cabinets, and vanities are generally referred to as custom built-ins. They come in on time and on budget, they kept me informed, they solved problems, and the quality of their work was superb.
Steve Fabrizio and his crew took away our old, outdated kitchen, installed new cabinets, new hardwood floors in the kitchen and family room, smoothed the ceilings and installed new windows.
He was extremely helpful with the decision making process, assisting us with picking out windows, hardwood flooring with an accent border, back splash details, counter tops and moldings.

Steve Fabrizio and his crew, as well as his subcontractors, are craftsmen and true professionals in every sense of the word. From advice on the planning to the execution of our project, we were very impressed every step of the way.
Steve and his crew have a real eye on how a project should come together, as witnessed by the two homes they have renovated for us over the years. Adding a built up crown molding or a wainscoting can dramatically change the look of your room.
Regardless of the room, Crown Point can handcraft custom cabinets to fit your space and budget! A custom bookcase, custom designed for one particular room, fits and fills a unique space with detailed style and will not seem forced into a space or imposed upon the room.
Steve Fabrizio managed the project wonderfully and every subcontractor he brought in supported the Fabrizio reputation for quality, courtesy and professionalism. They did an impeccable job matching new hardwood floors to the refinished old hardwood floors and removed outdated colonial railings between the kitchen and step down family room to create an open space and cohesive flow between the two rooms.
From our initial meeting till the end of the project, Steve and his crew exceeded our expectations. Every person on the job was polite, professional, and the quality of their work was top notch. They are great partners in identifying the pros and cons found in each option and are flexible with changes to the plan. Truly custom bookcases and cabinets are architecturally suited, and fitted to your home, as if the rooms had been designed and constructed around the cabinets.
They also built a custom window seat with usable storage in the kitchen dining area, which is a great feature for our active, busy family!

The configuration of our new deck and stairs has made our backyard a place to really enjoy.
Fabrizio was adept at integrating changes into the project while still getting the work done on time. We have a lot of experience in providing this service and can design a beautiful finish product for you. Custom built-ins take best advantage of available spaces, and add increasing value to fine homes. We were really apprehensive about the demolition phase and mess that it would inflict throughout the house. Custom built-in cabinets can be designed to incorporate beautiful, natural hardwoods, or to be painted to complement an interior color pallet. Amazingly, the results were essentially spotless, we still don’t know how they achieved that!
Whether keeping the job site neat or focusing upon the smallest detail, Fabrizio Construction is committed to beautiful results.
Steve’s proactive forethought and attention to detail during the entire project pre-empted less than optimum results and costly change orders.
His up-front candidness and not telling us what we wanted to hear resulted in a project that was completed on-time and on-budget.

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