One of the most effective home made traps is definitely this one and people around the world have reported a great success rate with this method.
The first thing you need to do is find a couple ingredients for this fruit fly trap recipe. Some house-hold dish-washing liquid (again, not some expensive stuff, just the stuff your usually wash your dishes with is sufficient for this trap).
Another easy trap for fruit flies (or drain flies) that you can use is called the “Paper Cone”. Take a piece of rotting fruit (anything really, as long as its fermenting) and  place it inside of a glass jar. In conclusion, the best fruit fly traps are a very effective way to deal with any sort of fruit fly infestations. I really like the natural trap, I hate killing anything (even if its a nasty bug) and I love the fact that I can remove them without hurting them.
I have a beer refridgerator, and I get them pretty bad from the drip pan being full of beer. The fruit flies just seem to sit on the side of the jar rather than going in it…maybe I should take the plastic off?? We just moved to an area that has swarms of literally thousands of these beasts flying around outside. I have to say I was a bit skeptical that this would work, especially after placing one in my kitchen and .
Also, when I changed it out, and added two more to my home, it takes several hours before they start diving in again.
We came home from a vacation, to find fruit flies we didn’t know we had before we left! Its an absolute pleasure Trudi, thanks for taking the time to comment and for your kind words. In my own experience, I have found that when these pests invade my house, traps made with beer or red wine is farm more attractive to the fruitflies than vinegar. I trapped as many as a I could and filled the bowl with water only to find out that the larvae didn’t drown! I will be trying the vinegar trap to catch the couple adult flies that got away, I normally put wine with the plastic wrap holes on top and is usually does the trick. Please select your country from the dropdown and we will automatically update your currency and language settings to give you a more localised service. After reading through a couple how to articles on the internet, I couldn’t really find a satisfying guide on how to make one with decent instructions. The good news is that it will hardly cost you anything to build and only takes about 10 minutes to make. All that you need to do is pour about a cup of the apple cider vinegar into your glass jar and add a tablespoon of dish washing liquid into the mixture.
The trap works by luring the fruit flies to their doom by the smell given off by the vinegar which acts as strong fruit fly bait.
OK, you got me, I did just make that up but since it doesn’t officially have a name, I think that it fits quite nicely. Then create a cone shape with a piece of paper and place it inside the jar as shown on the image.
In fact, to be slightly more accurate, they are attracted to the sugar that is fermenting on the fruit. However, you must first figure out where these little pests come from in order so that you can effectively fight them. If you would like to receive professional advice to diagnose a pest control related problem, please contact your local exterminator immediately.
I use the plastic for two reasons, firstly it ensures that fruit flies do not escape (I have seen them get out before) and secondly, I use it to keep the smell contained as I have a rather small kitchen and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. You might need to punch bigger holes into your plastic so they can get in Try keeping it on for now until you have tried that!
Wow, thats quite a story but remember that those fruit flies were probably lurking around before you put your drink down. So when we open our door, no matter how quickly we shut it, we get a new batch of them inside. Thanks for taking the time to recount a personal experience and I am glad that you had some success with the fruit fly trap.

Fruit flies usually lay their eggs in rotten fruit and other old food, basically somewhere that their young can feed and keep warm. I am glad you have had success with your traps, I can also personally verify that they work very well I will be doing a couple more DIY trap guides for ants and a few other pests and I would love to hear your opinion on them when they are up. After you have have cleaned up that rotten food (which I am sure you have done so by now), open all the windows and place about 10 or so traps. Thanks for these great tips, The Bug Squad community (and myself) really appreciate your contribution.
Since you are not having any success with the traps and you have taken such extreme (but good) steps to get rid of them without success, I recommend getting her a bug bomb (fogger). Agreed, I actually had the same problem a couple weeks back but since I took action immediately, it didn’t turn into any sort of infestation. A bug bomb is an aerosol based insecticide that, once deployed, will kill insects within its maximum range. Thanks for sharing your experience, I am sure that someone will find it useful and I appreciate your contribution to The Bug Squad. Imaginations will run wild with the fabulous toy, which is simple to construct and a lot of fun to decorate. Well now you can easily blend your own custom dubbing blends with Hareline Dubbin’s new Blend Your Own Custom Dubbing Kit. Of course, as mentioned in other articles on this site, using these traps should only be utilized after you have found and destroy the place in which the fruit flies are breeding.
So after you have discovered the basics about getting rid of fruit flies, you can go about making your own one right away.
Give it a single shake to mix the soap into the vinegar and then fit the plastic sheet over it. Since fruit flies find their food sources by their sense of smell, they are drawn to it and investigate by going through the small holes that you made in the plastic sheet. The reason why I call it that is because of the way it looks, take a look at it on the left. Be sure that there is no space between the cone and the rim of the jar otherwise the fruit flies will easily get out and your trap for fruit flies will not be effective. After investigation, they will find it a lot more difficult to get out of the jar then it was to get out.
If you have any concerns or would like to ask a question about this article, I encourage you to leave a comment below and I will provide a reliable answer within about 24 hours. Needless to say, I hope that you use the fruit fly trap that is recommended in this article to get rid of the problem, I have had great success with them in the past. It would be interesting to find out what is causing such a massive infestation in your area though, do you have any ideas? I’ve just made this awhile ago and i’m looking at it now, and there are flies in it!
Makes me want to improvise your ideas and make it more deadly to these damn flies around my house lol.
Presently, the flies begin to multiply in numbers and they are chilling again in the kitchen!
I suggest that you use the traps again and then spend a couple hours looking for and cleaning up whatever is attracting them.
The essence of the trap is that they fall into the vinegar and drown so I am not too sure if that will happen unless the honey is very liquid.
If you use anything else and have decent success, please let me know so that we can convey that information to the Bug Squad community! I will definitely try these methods myself when I have the opportunity (hopefully not too soon lol) and will share it with those who are not having much success with vinegar. Since you have not had success with the trap (please make sure you have followed the steps carefully though because it usually works), you can definitely try a bug bomb.
I picked up some Raid Flying Insect spray and sprayed each room in my house letting it set for 15 minutes in each room (wo ventilation). If you like this then why not take a look at the Kidsonroof cardboard rocket or The Little Explorer space explorer kit. The kit comes with blending brushes and an assortment of  dubbing to start building custom blends. However, once this has been done, you need to focus your attention on getting rid of the fruit flies that are already present and you need to do this as quick as possible as they can reproduce very quickly.

It works as well as replacement for a Vector, Natural Catch and Martha Stewart’s fly trap.
Once inside, they come into contact with the vinegar with great satisfaction and may sit their for quite awhile with no apparent desire to leave.
The way that his one works is very similar to the previous trap, except it doesn’t kill the fruit flies.
Additionally, make sure that the hole at the bottom of the cone is very small, just big enough for the fruit flies to get inside but small enough to make escaping very difficult. However, I have seen many people get rid of fruit flies only to have the same problem a couple weeks later so its important to learn the things that they are attracted to in order to eradicate them completely. Remember, all this information is provided at absolutely no cost and if you have enjoyed what you have read, please show your appreciation by sharing this post on your favorite social network below.
I recommend just sticking to the vinegar option, it works well and there is no need to replace it with anything else.
Remember to take your trash out daily, especially if its warm weather and keep your surfaces as tidy as possible. I also suggest that you leave the house for the day just to let it do its thing, maybe spend a day out as a family.
I used this method in the past in my apartment but its not working in my mom’s house. In order to do this, you need to learn how to get rid of them without incurring too much cost. The purpose of this article is to explore the process on how to make the best trap so that you can kill those fruit flies quickly and effectively.
Once this has been done, simply punch a few holes into the plastic with your knife, making sure that each hole is no larger then the width of a pencil.
However, when they do they will find that they are weighed down by the soapy mixture that you placed on top of the vinegar and cannot escape. Instead, it just prevents them from escaping (although I have found that they sometimes do get out, but only a small percentage). Compared to the vinegar fly trap, this is far less effective in getting rid of a fruit fly infestation.
Perfect, more is definitely better in this case, five of these traps should get rid of all those fruit flies in a short amount of time! I did notice the fruit flies looks small and then some looks bigger than I seen in the past. In addition, we will explore which is the best way of killing fruit flies using a trap that can be made at home and various other tips and how to instructions.
Then you just need to repeat this process to make about 4-5 of these fruit fly killers and then place them in any problem area in your home or office. To make matters worse, they are unable to climb back up the wall of the jar because their feet are too slippery. I have found that some of them do escape but since they are not very intelligent, most of them will fail with their escape plan.
I would appreciate it if you share this information with your friends and family on your favorite social networks like Facebook or Twitter so that they can also learn how to build these traps.
By the next day however, they were diving right in and unfortunately (for them, for me fortunately) they don’t swim as well as they dive. Here in Madrid, flies are all over the place if you aren’t careful of the disposing of your own trash. I highly recommend that you place one or two in your kitchen as I have found that this a very common place in which they are found.
After 24 hours, all the fruit flies inside your drain fly trap should be dead and although it may seem a bit barbaric, remember that they were putting your families health at risk, something that should not be taken lightly. If you want to learn about where fruit flies actually come from, check out my guide on this subject and let me know if you have any questions. If only you could see yourself through the eyes of a fruitfly, you would see a Tyrannosaurus Rex or King Kong.
I think that the term “survival of the fittest” applies nicely to this method as this vinegar trap really works well! How do you find the source when you have had no fruit in your house and they appear to have nothing to feed on.

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