And then once trim was added to the top around the ceiling, and then whole thing was primed (twice) and painted (three times), and the wall touched up, it looked like this! My husband, Matt, has multiple sclerosis and is in a wheelchair, so he’s unable to help me with any home improvement projects. Kristi, how exciting to look on your blog this morning and find that you’ve finished your bookcase wall! Quick question: Why, in step 6, did you use the trim piece (E) + the 1x12 (I) on the top, rather than just a single solid piece? Important Consideration: The diagram above assumes the possibility of the basement floor expanding upwards.
To understand more about framing rough openings and jamb extensions, I recommend my book, Remodeling a Bathroom. Let one of our experts help guide you through your project with expert advice ranging from inspiration to installation. A traditional style, this Brewster Home Fashions wallpaper adds floral spunk to your walls.
Animated green roosters combined with a soft white background make this vintage wallpaper complete. This Beige Safari Toile Wallpaper Wallpaper is great for any home in need of a bit of space. This wallpaper from Brewster features a safari toile pattern that is sure to add an exotic air to your home. Petite charcoal floral over a pearlescent white makes this country toile a compatible wallpaper for your home.

Natural green leaves float across a simple ivory background on this floral wallpaper design. Blue hues of luscious leaves float across a simple ivory background on this floral wallpaper design. With Asian-inspired drawings, this classic toile wallcovering brings elegance and style to walls in light brown and beige hues. A contemporary take on the classic toile pattern, this pale yellow wallpaper bears a tropical motif with toile-inspired sketches. A soft beige wallpaper with a tropical theme, the timeless toile pattern is displayed in this lovely, rustic wall decor.
Beautiful tropical sketches lie beyond a creamy white backdrop in this gorgeous toile wallpaper. The comforting, deep blue of this vintage toile wallpaper creates an elegant look for walls. This Yellow Tropical Toile Border is a soft yellow that will leave your home desiring more. On a background of mottled and variegated color resembling crackled antique plaster, a design of stylized fleur-de-lis makes its appearance. Tapestry moves into the modern age with this allover small print depicting a woodlands theme but reinvented with the use of more graphic lines and simple forms. Bring the classic story of Winnie the Pooh into your home with this colorful wallpaper selection.
Pen and ink sketches of sailboats at dockside and row boats on the water form a large allover patter reminiscent of artist?s etchings on solid backgrounds.

This adorable pen-and-ink drawing of bunnies and flowers is rendered in a familiar toile technique. From an 18th century French archival fabric design, this unusual motif combines architectural detail with pastoral images of traditional toile of this period.
Looking like a traveler?s sketchbook, Paris street scenes and landmarks are scattered across this paper.
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Variations of red, green and blue flowers float between a homey country scene on a light grey background. Just cut to size, moisten with water to activate the paste, position on wall and instantly transform your room.
On several a web of crackles adds a gentle glow and a feeling of yesteryear; on others the background is solid.
I can’t imagine the extra value you are adding to your condo, but I guarantee you it will return a lot and be the most popular on the market with all of your custom touches! I have loved seeing your condo transformed into what it is today, and I can’t wait to see what you do with your next home.

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