From that ystorn-system-analog-synthesizer-lavatoryear we attempting to customized and build our own Analog Synthesizer.
Just after repetitive trial error and then finally convinced, we made a decision to officially commercial as Analog Synthesizer maker in Bandung Indonesia on the year 2005, many thanks for unstoppable supports from our fellow folks, analog synthesizer rulez!. And so in this 2013 we start to develop our very own boutique custom designed analog synthesizer modular to suit demands and stop to receive custom made or service devices, we begin to concentrating our aim to become one of analog synthesizer creator and join the little business niche. Hopefully we make analog synthesizer which might be an alternative solution for musicians and bands on the planet for producing experimental sounds that expected, therefore we desire that with the addition of Storn System on the global community is to get rid of the boundary in between Indonesian music and global music, we would like to provide a message that lots of folks in Indonesia, that has capability beyond logic.
We also want to said that each and every analog synthesizer that we designed it all self-taught that we learn from the exploration, as for each analog synthesizer we develop with all heart and blood, simply because we are also musicians and know your hunger.
The 'first' analog synthesizer that we create in the 2013 called 'Maga' taken from the name of the 4th calendar month of Sunda and the 'Maga' word has two syllables so easy to mention, the name was taken when we starting the research in the fourth month or April 2013.

This really is a fun piece of kit with some great sounds, very expressive too thanks to Yamaha's aftertouch (amazing for 1974) which can be assigned to different parameters. Well, so 4013, 4024, 4040 and all CMOS 4xxx-based clock divider do some good subharmo generator. The fact that all waveforms are in phase and harmonically related sometimes lead to some cancellation. I've updated the layout above, so if you guys want to try it out and give the results here that would be great. Storn System begins inadvertently research in the 2000s, it started off with curiosity, fascination and interest to create musical instruments such as Analog Synthesizer that can be use to played out with the band. Our very first Analog Synthesizer produced is mono synthesizer semi modular called 'LAVATORY' in 2005 use by Ade Habibie a musician from Jakarta Indonesia, and the first Keyboard custom modification is for Elang from Polyester Embassy band.

The digital part works to controlling MIDI and patch system restore for modulation routing only. Yamaha's first ever synth was the SY-1 introduced in 1974, they also decided to build the SY-1 into a 2 manual plus pedalboard type organ cabinet and that's what we have here, the CSY-1. Although a preset synth it's editable, so the presets are just a starting point for sound creation. For the first time we just custom analog synthesizer, sound effect, music instrument modification, repairing music instrument.

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