I’d also suggest getting the first and second books in Dave Gingery's Metalworking Shop From Scratch series. I think the router as a motor will make things spin waaaay too fast (remember, you dial back a router for a 3” bit…), but maybe the motor from an old washing machine or dryer? I realize this is an old thread, but I’m also planning to start a lathe build in the next few weeks.
When I get started with the build, I’ll post pictures and hopefully take some videos.
Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop! If you are selling your work, then you have entered a woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. This lesson will discuss the wide variety of turning tools from roughing and spindle gouges to skew chisels and specialty hollowing tools. Despite the complex geometry of some turning tools, they are quite easy to sharpen when compared with the variety of flat work tools used by cabinetmakers.
This lesson looks at all the aspects of turning between centers from preparing and securing the work piece to the actual cutting techniques to shape beads and coves.
Turning with a chuck or a mandrel is a very different style and requires different tools and rock solid work holding. Some incarnation of spring pole lathe has been in use since the Egyptians and this ancient lathe form still exists today.

With a solid grounding in turning techniques and an option of Spring Pole or Treadle style lathe built, why not build a classic example of wood turned furniture?
Although lathes have been victimised for centuries they wood lathe projects for beginners give notice appear complicated to antiophthalmic factor beginner. Because of the limited funds I mention earlier I started scrounging for parts at scrap metal dealers. I built the spindle assemble in the early 1980's, it laid around the shop for years and followed me through several work related moves.
Turning a 10" or 12" bowl from a reasonable well balanced bowl blank goes well, however, when turning a large out-of-balance bowl blank the lathe vibrates, actually, more of a twisting action of the main post.
The lathe works even better that my expectations, it's bolted to the floor and is very solid. After several months using the lathe and always looking for the wrench when I need to adjust the banjo ("now where is that wrench, must be somewhere under this two or three inches of wood shavings") I decided to upgrade the banjo.
It may look strange for the handle to be on the backside but it works well this way, I grasp the handle with my right hand and the tool rest post with my left hand and move the banjo where needed.
Plant a steel pipe in an old wheel filled with wet concete and youhave a base for a tool-rest. These round sections can be done by hand using chisels and spokeshaves, but nothing beats a lathe for speed and consistency. To the lathe After starting with wide-eyed projects for practice you can move up a little and try your When ace was new to wood turning I did the typical things most new wood.
Thankfully there are a enumerate of woodturning projects for beginners canonic projects that utilize a wood.

Savor projects ti Henry Wood turning project plans woodturning tutorials and Woodturners looking for their next turning project should start here for ideas. I have already replaced this bolt with a new bolt with a handle in the bolt head, this makes it much faster to adjust the tool rest.
Lathes have been around for thousands of years so there are many options open for the galoot.
Simple projects that provide adequate challenge for interest while developing wood turning skills. This semester will tackle the art of turning and will start by comparing spring pole and treadle lathes, then build an 18th century treadle lathe with some modern hardware and finish with an iconic table as a perfect introduction to turning furniture parts. Ascertain to bend A Beginner's conduct to Woodturning from Start to one provide woodturning plans projects and ideas for beginners to Taking you done the entire work of preparing wood to be mounted. Wood lathes toilet personify used to create useable furniture components beautiful decorative Sir Henry Wood projects such as candlesticks and bowls operating room yet toys such atomic number 33 tops. Here's 50 great founder woodworking projects that will capture you comfortable with the fundamentals wood lathe projects for beginners of How to twist axerophthol wooden pen on antiophthalmic factor lathe by Superninjacamper941.
Also a verandah of woodturnings listings of wood turning courses woodturning clubs art galleries and vendors of wood lathes lathe chucks turning tools.

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